Monday, November 23, 2015

Onwards – into a new week. I am nearly paralysed with terror at the thought of London next week, what needs to be done in advance, what could go wrong in my absence. It's time to start thinking hard, at least, and making a shopping list. Helen has drawn up a wonderful program for the carer. I must edit and where possible simplify it.

Today must be devoted to ordering a book in a series on French artists to which my husband often subscribes. Everything else in the world, I buy with my credit card. That won't do for the French publishers, nor will a cheque in euro's, even, unless drawn on a French bank. I must get a virement from our bank and then trudge off somewhere to post it, post offices no longer being handy.

Tomorrow an old friend is coming to see us. That leaves Wednesday-Saturday, effectively. Should be enough.

Knitting was not too bad yesterday – I finished my stint on the Tokyo shawl, as hoped, and reverted to the Sous Sous for a row or two. I think today, however, I'll finish off that hat.

I sat down the other day during my husband's afternoon nap and dealt with 10 days' mail. I who used to snatch it up from the mat and rip it open at once. I was rewarded with nothing much except the new IK – the Winter 2016 issue that you had patiently explained to me. It came with an announcement that this was my last issue. When did I renew? Fully a month ago.

I haven't the oomph to trawl through their website. I'll wait and see.

I thought the issue rather a disappointment after so promising an approach – heirloom knitting updated. Was it that the colours and the photography were a bit on the dull side and didn't do the patterns justice?  


  1. I hadn't grasped that your trip was imminent. You will have a great time - lovely, peaceful hours on the train, all by yourself, then your family to welcome you. Something to fortify you against the darker months ahead.

  2. Yes I received my copy today as well is it my imagination or is this issue quite a bit thinner? Hope you enjoy your trip :)

  3. I know that feeling of terror. You probably won't be able to relax totally until you are on the train going south. By then things will be out of your hands! You do need respite though and there are lots of things to enjoy when you get there. Sending encouragement!

  4. I am so excited for your London trip, Jean! I too hadn't realized that it was coming up so fast. I know you will have a marvelous time and after such a year I'm glad that you'll be able to get away. There's always such a big hump to get over to leave--I know I am often completely stressed out by the time I shut the door behind me--but it'll be such a relief once you're on your way. Bon courage! Can't wait to read about your London adventures.

  5. I envy your trip to London. I'd love to see all the Christmas decorations and be able to go in the shops even if I didn't buy anything. Have a good time and enjoy it to the fullest.

  6. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Enjoy your trip to London - sounds delightful, and you're obviously getting things organized on the home front. IK: production values shouldn't matter when the patterns are the main thing, but I find recent issues not the delight to handle that my collection of earlier years offered. Is it the paper? Photography? Styling? Not sure.
    - Beth in Ontario

  7. Every day, when I open your blog, I still stop and stare at the beautiful weightless, thousands-of-stitches worth of bridal shawl. A true heirloom for her daughter or daughter-in-law. Perhaps there will be a few more pictures of it in the future...?

  8. Hi Jean, I would love to know more about the series of books on French artists, perhaps after your (successful) trip to London? I live in France-- if I could help in any way with order/delivery (PayPal for instance) I would be happy to oblig.