Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Again, little to report. Today will be fairly frantic, getting in ready meals and tins of soup and thinking organisational thoughts in readiness for the Edinburgh Yarn Fest. Can I go straight to my class tomorrow or do I have to go somewhere else first to get a gold bracelet? I must try to find the instructions again and read them calmly.

I did a bit more on the Milo Bambino. I’m within a round or two of the point where the final garter stitch skirt must be started. I decided I could afford to add a bit of length, but it probably still won’t carry me as far as the sixth skein. I may even be able to finish it off today and take the finished object to my class on Gradient Yarns tomorrow.

Allison, a pair of booties in the final colour is a brilliant idea – except that I doubt if there would be enough, the individual skeins are small -- and I have never been able to knit booties that stayed on. My own children pretty well went barefoot until they could stand up, to the disapproval of old ladies and, on one memorable and embarrassing occasion in Massachusetts, social services.

Thank you for your comment about the Curmudgeon, Southern Gal. It is extraordinary how often tales like that, of missed symptoms, are reported even in these hyper-health-conscious days.

I probably won’t be able to post much for the next couple of days, but I’ll try to get an interim EYF post up at some point. Knitlass, when will you be there? I fear you said Friday afternoon. I’ll be at the market all Friday morning – at least, I will if there is provision for an old woman to sit down.


  1. Very envious of your forthcoming outings to the EYF. I would have similar organizational difficulties if only we Iived in Edinburgh rather than Seattle.

  2. Jean

    Yes, I plan/hope to nip in to the EYF market on Friday afternoon for an hour or so, so it seems unlikely that our paths will cross, sadly. I hope you have lots of fun with the classes and the Friday morning market. I'm sure I read that you can do everything you need to do when you turn up for your class. Anyway, the Corn Exchange venue is not open tomorrow (Thursday), so there must be some system in place to cope with that!

    One of my very nice post-grad students is friends with the organisers and helping out. Lucky lady!

  3. Would love to see the EYF posts!

  4. Oh such fun! I have a few friends who are there already, I'm sure it will be too busy for you to cross paths. I dreamed last night I was taking a class on making the Anna Makarova stockings from War and Peace.

  5. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Posts from you, Jean, and from Kate Davies and heart will be in Edinburgh, one of my favourite cities, this weekend.
    - Beth in Ontario

  6. If you don't have enough yarn left over for matching booties for your Milo, perhaps a small knitted flower that could go on a headband?

    Btw - discovered your blog the other day, and love reading it! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it! ��