Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The trouble with this new system – write at night, post in the morning – is a day like this one, when I am effervescing with things to say to you – Ella Gordon’s blog post about the conference at the Lerwick Museum; Kate Davies’ did-you-knit-this-pattern? appeal. But there’s no time to write, and by this evening effervescence may have waned.

Rachel just phoned – the grandmother-to-be. All is well, she says. The midwife says that the baby’s head is engaged. We wait.

Here’s what I wrote last night:

I have distressingly little to report. I’ve lost a follower in the last few days, and no wonder, with such a succession of non-events.

I finished casting off the Tokyo shawl, and have dealt with most of the ends. I found two actual holes, broken yarn, live stitches hanging there. Moths? Perdita? Alarming.

So blocking may be as soon as today.

It sounds as if my sister and B. have the madtosh “Tannehill” situation under control; very good news.

Here in Drummond Place, we seem safely back in the arms of the various organisations who look after us. My husband likes some of the carers better than others, to put it mildly, but none actually provoke explosions of temper yet. That’s good.

My next job is to face up to the EYF. I’ve had an email of instructions from them which fills me with despair. There are three venues. There are instructions (but not maps) for getting from one to another. There is something about a gold bracelet. You’ve got to be at classes 15 minutes early, and to have done your homework. The market is (predictably) in only one of the venues. You can get in to the market an hour before classes start if you’ve got a gold bracelet, but you probably have to get to one of the other venues for your class, and get there 15 minutes before class time.

I’m not at all sure I’m up to it. If I’m going, I’ll have to ring our private carer in the next couple of days to arrange extra cover for whichever days I decide on attempting.  I’ve signed up for three wonderful classes, but I suspect the market will be the best bit of all.

It seems to me that Flipboard has improved a bit lately, and may one day come to rival the dear departed Zite. 


  1. My experience of EYF last year was that it was very easy to move between venues and there were always others walking between the two so I didn't once walk on my own. You could always arrange a taxi if you didn't fancy the walk. The market is in the main venue which is the Corn Exchange itself. We are staying on Rutland Street this year and will be taking a taxi to and from the Corn Exchange so could always collect you on our way?

  2. What a lovely offer from Claire! Sounds too good to refuse.

    If you aren't feeling up to all three of the classes you booked, then maybe target the first and last, and forego the middle one so that you can recharge your reserves/batteries. There are waiting lists I understand, so I'm sure your place could easily be filled.

    Just one other thing to think about: I think the marketplace is only Friday/Sat, and workshops are happening Thursday-Sunday, so you might want to factor that in too..

  3. What a way to get tired, though! A blog friend in cab picking you up sounds perfect! I have several friends from US heading to the festival just for a fun trip. Maybe next year.

  4. Jean, you are a bit of a legend on your own account. I'd review the homework list and do only what is absolutely essential. I don't think your teachers will snarl at you or eject you from the class. It would be an honor to have you as a student.

  5. =Tamar7:54 PM

    The 15 minutes early requirement is odd. I wonder whether they allowed time between classes for that. (In college I once had a class that routinely ran late, followed immediately by a class that began on the dot. I did a lot of running.) Some people take longer to settle down, but I would think that if you are ready and prepared with homework etc, five minutes would be plenty of time. Are people routinely 15 minutes late at that event, I wonder.