Thursday, March 17, 2016

I had a grand day, and am very tired. I doubt very much whether either my strength or my husband’s ever-fragile patience will last until I get to Woolly Wormhead's class on Saturday, but I will certainly be at the market tomorrow, planning to spend big bucks.

Carol Feller’s class on gradient yarns was first-rate. The essence of it was, that you’ve got to think ahead. She drew our attention to various devices, designs, stitch patterns. She is working on a book about gradient yarns, due later this year. She was talking mostly about those wonderful little packs of yarn, like mine from the Pigeon Roof, although due recognition was given to gradients self-assembled from stash and also to yarns like the Knit Circus ones which do the job all in one yarn.

I would judge the EYF to be a roaring success. We went around the table at the beginning saying who we were and where from and what we wanted to achieve with gradient yarns. I think I was the only one from Edinburgh. Several Americans, several continentals, one woman from Singapore; the most exotic of all, to my mind, was the woman from Ardnamurchan.

At the end Feller asked us what we now wanted to do with gradient yarns and I was tempted to say that I might attempt her capelet from IK. Which is perfectly true. But I was afraid that I was mistaken and that it might have been designed by somebody else (it wasn’t). And it would have been a terribly teacher’s-pet thing to say. But I shall explore the possibility tomorrow, amongst the packs of gradient yarns.

The great thing, of course, was being out in the real world amongst flesh-and-blood knitters. It was utterly exhilarating. I hope the EYF organizers have the strength and patience to go on with this. They’re on to a winner, but it must be enormously hard work.


Poor Perdita is in heat again – we’ll have to face up to the dreadful operation soon. We shut her in the kitchen last night, as she is too restless to be a bed-cat just at the moment. And guess what – she caught a mouse. We haven’t seen one for, literally, years. Perdita has been telling us recently that they are about, doing a sort of Banquo’s-ghost act as she stared at places from which, indeed, they have darted out in the past.

But there it was, this morning. Very small, even for a mouse. She was delighted with it. 


  1. Congratulations to Perodita! She is now a fully contributing member of the family. I hope the mouse's small stature does not indicate a young family hiding somewhere. And enjoy as much of the EYF as you can for all of us who can merely read and hope we can join you next year.

  2. yea for Perdiata's catch! unfortunately that probably does mean more are in hiding but being a city apartment one would expect that.

    hope you do get to your class on Saturday - surely all those hours at his bedside should count for one class! fingers crossed that you are allowed to go!

    wish i could be there... are you going to see Kate at the market? she has a fun new hat out.

    1. KD actually emailed me earlier this week, asking when I would be at the market as she particularly wanted to see me. I felt very grown-up.

  3. So glad you had a grand time today. I'm looking forward to stopping in at EYF for a little light yarn shopping tomorrow afternoon. Leave something for me!!

  4. By which I mean - don't buy all of it!!

  5. It is wonderful to read of your day at EYF! I have yet to go to one of these gatherings without some of the same emotions-kinship, excitement, joy. So glad you had fun!

  6. Great news that all went well. So much work and planning goes into a well-organized event like that - I hope that bodes well for it to continue. Next year in Jerusalem...Enjoy the yarn shopping today. Even if you don't buy much, all that yarn and all those knitters is just a treat.

  7. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Jean, how lovely that you get to enjoy any of the EYF. Do hope you can do all you want, and it sounds as though you've at least had one great class and your market visit today. Got me dreaming about next year, so I too hope the organizers are up to it again. Perdita - oh, yes, I remember how our dear Mogg used to alert us by becoming really interested in the kitchen cupboards. Good for the little cat, doing what a cat does.
    - Beth in Ontario

  8. Glad to hear that EYF was a success, for you and the organizers. If one has to be tired out, best to get that way doing something fun. And well done, Perdita.

  9. =Tamar1:46 PM

    Here's hoping you get to all your classes!
    Congratulations to Perdita. Mice do come in at this time of year, when I'd think they'd be out enjoying the warmer weather.

  10. Carol, San Diego3:38 PM

    I love hearing about your class and all the details. You must get to the next class and the Market to tell more. Take some photos if you can?
    EYF is on my bucket list - it is THE international not-to-miss-in-a-lifetime festival.
    I had to google images for Ardnamurchan. Wow. What beauty
    Hats off to Perdita!