Sunday, March 13, 2016

How about that?

And here she is with her grandmother Rachel. She’s got a good head of hair, our little girl.

Rachel ended the brief email yesterday to which these pictures were attached, with the words "How did we do it?” How, indeed?

I am knitting very happily on, on Milo Bambino. I have reached the third skein, of six; and I think I’m probably pretty near the half-way point on the vest.

The beginning is very ingenious. You cast on and knit garter stitch round and round (=alternate rounds purl), increasing at four points every other round. Like a hollow shawl, perhaps, knit centre-out. At a certain point you pause, bind off some stitches, cast on others, and hey! presto those rounds have turned into shoulder straps. Even having done it, I couldn’t tell you how it’s done. Rather like the experience of knitting the Baby Surprise.

I’m now knitting round and round for the body, with a single cable band down one side.

The madtosh “Tannehill” DK has reached my sister in CT, who pronounces it an excellent colour for a gent’s sweater. I wonder if I have secured the last sweater’s-worth in the world of this discontinued shade? My happiness will be complete when I know that my check has reached my benefactress – the woman who bought the yarn and had it sent to CT; and, of course, when my sister gets here and delivers it.

You will have deduced that I still haven’t blocked the Tokyo shawl. It’s not usually a chore that I neglect. Maybe a great-granddaughter excuses my dereliction.


Scotland v. France today, here at Murrayfield. It’s a beautiful spring day, and for once the match will be played by daylight. Maybe this will be the one…


  1. Gorgeous baby & gorgeous blanket! Can't wait to see the Milo Bambino.

    As for the rugby - we can but hope :-) all the springiness is making me want to start lots of new projects! But where to begin? I'll need something I can knit while I watch the match!

    1. I found that Milo Bambino worked quite well.

    2. What a match! I couldn't knit! Glad you managed to :-)

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    A post filled with happiness! Thank God for Spring and new babies! You have prompted me, Jean, to get cracking on my Milo pattern despite no babies on the horizon. I have had the yarn and the pattern for ages in anticipation of an eventual recipient, which is bound to happen at some point:-). Perhaps if I knit it, it will come? So happy for you! Chloe

  3. Jean, the arrival of your great-granddaughter suspends "life as normal" for as long as you like. She is beautiful, and the Dunfallandy is not only gorgeous, but quite a bit larger than I had realized. Beautiful work. When do you get to meet Juliet?

  4. I also thought the blanket was smaller. Nothing like an action shot with a baby! I just finished a sweater for a new great-niece. I love knitting baby things, they go so fast. (Well, unless it is the Dunfallandy blanket...I'm not that ambitious.)

  5. Oh Jean, the Dunfallandy blanket is exquisite and scrumptious! What a remarkable family heirloom for a dear lovely great grand child☺️ It is true though, I have been waiting for a pic of your shawl Now that it is finished. Selfish of me, I know. I think it is important that you take some time for pure pleasure on your trip and rest up after all you have handled in you busy life. Spring is here and perhaps it brings a season of rest and healing to you and your husband. Be well and enjoy your opportunities for fun.

  6. Heartfelt congratulations to you and all your family:) She's a lucky little girl:)!

  7. I was so busy looking at baby and mom I completely missed the blankie and had to go back and look. Blankie? What blankie? It's gorgeous! Is it just me or is anyone else recalling the new baby scent?

  8. a gorgeous baby and a gorgeous blanket! 29-18 yea!

  9. Congratulations on the new arrival! Your blanket turned out well - and what a great colour!

  10. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Yes, beautiful baby, beautiful blanket. Much baby knitting going on here, you've inspired me to try Milo bambino.
    - Beth in Ontario

  11. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Thanks so much for sharing those photos.
    New baby photos are always so encouraging!
    And that blanket is stunning!
    I agree with the other commenters that you have definitely earned a break for the Yarn fest. Enjoy it!