Monday, March 14, 2016

You’re not going to believe this – Scotland won! The Little Boys from Loch Fyne, not so little any more, who have been often to Murrayfield and had never before beheld a Scotland victory, have broken their duck (I think that’s the phrase). It was a thrilling match, beginning with a French try (=touchdown) in the first ten minutes.

Knitlass, I found that Milo Bambino, at the stage I had reached, was perfect rugby knitting, better than a sock, I think, because it took a bit longer to get around the circuit. The only interruption is the 12-stitch cable pattern and one could always postpone that in the tenser moments. Of which there were many.

I’m now well into the fourth of the six little skeins. It will be time soon to take a serious look at the end game. I think all I have to do is to break off what I’m doing and add a circular garter-stitch border. How deep? Will one skein be enough? (Surely it will.)

I find, incidentally, that the gradient yarns are all blending into each other elegantly. Only the fourth one, where I currently am, has created a line with the colour which preceded it. The colour scheme, on the other hand, is a bit more violent than I had anticipated.

So here we are in EYF week. I must soon start planning my husband’s breakfasts and lunches for those three days, and typing out instructions for the carer.


The electrician came this morning. Light has been restored. He put a circuit-breaker in, instead of the blown fuse – it is one that has gone before – so that in future I can restore the status quo myself. There are reasons both of expense and of complication for not replacing the entire board.


  1. We moved from fuses to circuit breakers 20 years ago. You will love it... what a lovely, modern convenience! Lol

    1. =Tamar9:10 PM

      I didn't know it was possible to add just one circuit breaker to an old-style fuse box. Possibly there are intermediate types I am unaware of. Regardless, it's a good thing since now you can reset it.
      What fun for the Little Boys, and all the other fans too.

  2. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Hurray for Scotland! Forgot to mention yesterday the sheer beauty of your Dunfallandy blanket, how I don't know. It's the kind of thimg that stays in the mind. I also was surprised at how much larger it was. Lucky Juliet. Chloe

  3. I don't miss fuses, that's for sure. Scotland won and you don't have to knit a sweater to commemorate it. Well done!

  4. Allison12:26 PM

    As to that last skein, if the length of the jacket seems right for now, you could just set aside that last skein until later and then lengthen the jacket when she's grown a bit. Of course that will depend on whether she grows longer or wider the fastest.

    On the other, a pair of booties in the last color could be smashing also.