Tuesday, March 01, 2016

So – here’s March.

A good day yesterday. A (blog-reading) friend came around and fixed the printer. I think turning it, and the computer, off and then on again figured in the treatment, Mary Lou. We discovered early on that I could print perfectly well from the iPad (the printer is wireless). The problem was just that it wouldn’t listen to the laptop.

I've printed the Bidwell Shawl and, Marion, I agree -- it really speaks to me, too. I'll go ahead and print the others: it's safer than just keeping a note of electronic addresses somewhere.

So today I must do a certain amount of tidying, and laying in supplies for husband-feeding. But I must also find those emails from the Edinburgh Yarn Fest, print them, and face up to the whole thing. Where exactly is it happening? And exactly when?

I did a bit better yesterday, knitting-wise. The first Knitcircus sock has nearly rounded the heel, and the gradations are looking good:

The Arne & Carlos socks are finished-finished. I think I’ll take them along to the hospital today and see if Alexander wants them. He should be there. It would save me wrapping them up and trudging to the post office, an unwelcome chore:

And I got at least a little way forward with the Tokyo shawl.


They’re having a study day on “Authenticity in Culturally-Based Knitting” at the Shetland Museum in Lerwick on Saturday. The University of Glasgow is involved, and it sounds a bit heavy. But at the same time there is an exhibition in the foyer of the Museum of lace patterns published between 1840 and 1880.

1840 is about when knitting pattern books were first published, for “middle class ladies with leisure time”. Shetland lace was becoming fashionable at the same time. (The Great Exhibition was in 1851.) Those early printed patterns aren’t illustrated (let alone charted) – you really have to knit them to figure out what’s going on.

For this exhibition, Glasgow University appealed for knitters. I’d really like to see the result. Maybe some of it will turn up on-line.


  1. Good luck with today's preparations for The Husband's Return.

    Ooh, that pink sock is very purdy. Lovely!

    To help you out: the Edinburgh Yarn Festival is this year happening at the Corn Exchange - although some of the workshops are elsewhere (nearby). Parking at the Corn Exchange can be tricky, and if you aren't feeling up to the bus, then take a taxi and save your strength for your workshops.

    Workshops run from Thursday 17th - Sunday 20th. The market place is open Friday-Saturday only.

    I'm planning to sneak along to the marketplace on Friday 18th for an hour or two. Just to look and squish some yarn. I won't be buying anything....

  2. I suppose the ladies of leisure had the time to figure it out. Or the ladies maid helped. Happy you like the Bidwell and that the printer is fully conversant again. Good luck with the prep.

  3. The finished socks are fantastic. Well done! Oh, Perdita. She is so cute!

  4. Re the Knitcircus socks for the small-footed granddaughter: knit three or four of them, then she will have a selection of unmatched socks.

  5. Ooo... The event at the museum is to be broadcast live. Will it be as interesting as it sounds? There are certainly some interesting international designers now designing in the Shetland style.

  6. I had the opportunity to be one of the knitters chosen for the project. It was a great experience, and I would love to see the results in person!

  7. EYF - 18/20th March, Corn Exchange (where the old abbatoir used to be)Edinburgh. Some workshops are being held at the venue,some elsewhere (my Woolly Wormhead workshop is at the Water of Leith Centre, not far from the Corn Exchange,I believe). There's also an interesting inhouse magazine which you can order online and pick up at the venue. It has some nice patterns in it. Their website has more details. Nice socks.