Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hey, a new follower!

And I'm sorry to be so late today, My new system is to compose at night, and leave it to ripen before adding a tweak or two in the morning, Today, the morning got away from me...

I was disappointed in the programme about Unst, although I shall continue to watch. There was not the slightest evidence of an interest in knitting – there was even a scene where a husband and wife were being interviewed. She was seated, and one suspected from the way her right hand occasionally appeared and disappeared at the bottom of the frame, that she was knitting. If so, it wasn’t mentioned.

Also, unless my ears deceived, the Unst Bus Shelter was referred to as “infamous”. This is a malapropism which particularly offends me, and I am sorry to think the BBC may have descended to it, they who are holding the bridge so valiantly against the modern misuse of “beg the question”.

Also, I thought the reverend gentleman who was meant to be the centre of the piece was an interesting and intelligent man and therefore probably worth listening to.  I was sorry that his role was reduced to that of skipping stones. Maybe next week.

I am sorry to be so disagreeable. On a brighter note, I trust everybody has seen Kate Davies’ blog post about the EYF, full of wonderful photographs. It was just like that! Doesn’t tomofholland look like someone whose class it is a shame I missed?

Actual knitting moved forward yesterday through the v-neck decreases of the Sous Sous. Not far to go now, although it seems endless.


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Ahh, traditional knitting plus the use of words like "malapropism" are why I so look forward to each of your posts!

    Elizabeth in Oregon

  2. Pascoaggirl4:38 PM

    I'm happy to hear you are back at work on sous sous. It seems we are following a similar path- I started the pattern with some lovely merino from my stash about when you did, after reading about it from you, and now.... After laying it aside for a few more pressing projects (notably thick warm Ardour mittens for my dear daughter to wear at college in Minnesota) I am now sewing seams, in preparation for knitting the sleeves. Somehow, knowing you are out there making progress on your sous sous cheers me on. Thanks for being an important part of my mornings.

  3. I felt the same about the Unst programme, but didn't want to dampen your enthusiasm!