Thursday, May 19, 2016

No “Miss Rachel’s Yoke” arrived yesterday. Surely it will today.

Sharon Miller has published a new pattern – The Jewel Long Shawl. I’ve ordered. And Kate Davies has started taking pre-orders for the hap book, and releasing the designs one by one. Today’s is by Carol Feller and I like it – but I don’t think it’s the one I’m waiting for.

I really must get some serious lace back into the schedule a.s.a.p., while I still can.

I have sort of re-engaged with Ravelry, after being encouraged by you to go back there and add all my recent purchases and their patterns to my Queue. I was surprised to discover that I already had a considerable queue – a few things that have been dealt with, one way or another: the Relax, the Sous Sous. Others I am no longer interested in: Anhinga, February Lady Sweater. But others, totally forgotten, of some interest: Mixed Feelings Pleated Tee, [BIG]rubble.

I mean to move on to dealing with my Projects. I have already deleted some, forgotten or of very minor interest, and mean to add current WIPs and, at the very least, the Dunfallandy blankie.

In my early Ravelry days I actually catalogued the stash – all that yarn which is now, I hope, being enjoyed at the women’s prison before they close it down. I don’t think I’ll do that again. I'd better find those pictures and delete them.

I knit on yesterday, on the Neap Tide shawl, still engaged with the long flat central portion, and reflecting on how I could have shaped the shawl much closer to the designer’s intention – gentler slopes up and down, shorter central section – if I had paid careful attention to gauge from the beginning. I’m still not complaining. This is going to be good.


  1. The designer's intention is for you to enjoy the knitting and wearing. I should delete my stash on Ravelry, too. I'm sure I haven't got much of what I put in there lo those many years ago.

  2. I found the cataloging of the stash kind of humbling...I have had people reach out to ask if I'd be willing to part with some - so I guess it's good in that regard.