Thursday, June 16, 2016

A tough day – without a stitch of knitting, some measure of its toughness. Not all grim: I went to the exhibition of women artists at the Gallery of Modern Art with a friend and enjoyed it, although I would quarrel with its premise. Those people were artists, and needed to be seen in a context which defined them as such. It was a bit like seeing an exhibition devoted to people who painted with their left hand. (Might be interesting, actually.)

Alternatively, if it had to be restricted to women, I would have preferred more works by fewer artists, so that I could have learned something. There were something like 45 artists there, in a small show – one or at most two pictures from each. I recognized a few familiar names, but the many others flashed by in a blur. Wilhelmina Barns-Graham came out strong.


Yesterday was a good day with Gudrun’s hap. I should have finished the centre easily today, had I done any knitting. I ordered longer needles in Symfonie wood. The gauge is 5mm, larger than my usual, which is probably why I don’t have the usual choice of luxurious needles in various lengths. I have been working so far with a 24-inch-er. I think EZ says somewhere that that is the only size one ever really needs, but I suspect Gudrun is right that greater length will be required here.

I have decided – reinforced by the re-watching of her Craftsy lesson – to pick up those YO’s from the front so as to produce the cross-legged effect. And I don’t see why I shouldn’t do that with a smaller-gauge needle, to make it a bit easier. That round isn’t knit at all: it’s pure picking-up. I'll let you know.


Thank you for your cat comments – I am very glad to learn that Perdita is not unique in her neck-nuzzling, and marvel anew, from your reports, at the variety of personality in those furry people.

Perdita was seven weeks old when she came here: in My Day, six weeks was regarded as quite old enough for a kitten to begin a new life. I am sorry that I didn’t meet her mother Esther. I don’t know why she wasn’t about that afternoon – perhaps her human family felt that the separation would be too painful for her. There were a couple of raucous ginger brothers.


  1. Good to hear from you and I'm glad you were late because of something fun to do. I love the idea of left-handed painters.

    I've heard that my Haps book is on the way and am getting very eager. I know I could start knitting from the e-book but I hate to waste paper on printing a pattern until I'm sure which one I want to make. I have never developed the ability to knit from the screen. Have you decided which one from the book you will do first?

  2. =Tamar10:44 PM

    Perhaps Perdita and her brothers were separated from their mother before you saw them. Thanks for the tip on the needle length; if I ever do knit a hap, it will help to know what I'm going to need.

  3. It is always irritating to have women whatever grouped into a category simply by gender. Do we ever see a 'male modern artists' show?

  4. I left a comment yesterday (which seems to have disappeared, oddly) about all the cats I've had that liked to nuzzle and knead, which we call "making biscuits." Some even make biscuits in the air when laying on their backs, which is beyond cute and silly. Also commented on Judy's Magic Cast On being a wonderful way of doing provisional cast picking up of stitches necessary.

  5. the day got away from me to comment on Perdita's anniversary post. of the many cats i have had my first was the most special. Emma. as a kitten she cuddled up in my hair next to my head and neck. as she grew she couldnt fit there and would snuggle right next to me .. if turned over she would come over to the other side. i miss her every night. my current two prefer to sleep in their own beds. however, as one of the beds is on the sofa, Emil (its his bed) will lean over and rest his head on my leg as i sit on the sofa. Isolde will cuddle next to me on the other side in the smallest space between me and the knitting bag, remote holder etc.

    she will also take the bed when emil is not there. i do miss a cat who cuddles at night ... sigh.

    Emil and Isolde send meows of happy greetings to Perdita!

  6. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Just wanted to add my kudos to Royal Mail and KDD shipping. My book was shipped Mon 13th and arrived in Toronto Thurs 16th. Unheard of to be so fast within Canada.