Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I stayed wide awake through Wimbledon yesterday, rejoiced in both the victories I saw – Murray is Murray, and Serena, like me, is a pulmonary embolism survivor, although she seems to have recovered full vigour, like the Socklady and unlike me.

I finished the border of the Hansel hap, decrease round and all, and have started on the edging. I surprise myself by not having 5mm dp’s of any sort. I’ve sent to Meadow Yarn for some, and they emailed promptly back that some have been dispatched. Meanwhile I have some 4.5mm Knit Pro Cubics and one of those is doing nicely in the interim. EZ: “Knitting is forgiving stuff”.

The promised fortnightly bulletin about the progress of the Vintage Shetland Project is again late – the last one appeared on June 7. Poor Susan! Her book and the Haps book would have nicely complemented each other had Vintage Shetland appeared at the first or second announced date. Now it will limp sadly in arrears, and she cannot fail to be aware of the recent smooth launch and rapturous reception of the other book.


Everything continues to be extraordinary, and now the Labour Party is imploding. There was a profile of Jeremy Corbyn in a recent New Yorker. I didn’t get through it – perhaps I had better go back and try again. I wonder if this is at all what things felt like in 1939 and 1940, before Churchill? The “phoney war”, what’s going on here? Who’s in charge?

There are letters in the Times from sage greybeards who say that the referendum means nothing, legally – only an Act of Parliament can disconnect GB from the EU. Others say that maybe the referendum will have shaken Brussels into giving us what we’ve been asking for, namely control over migrant workers from other EU states, and then we could have another referendum. (Nigel Farage: “It’s not best two out of three.”) And Nicola Sturgeon is trying hard to keep Scotland in the EU even without the rest of the UK. How would that work? Would they want us, now that oil is worth so little? What would we use for money?

It’s nothing if not interesting.

I google’d “glyphosate” just now and found nothing up-to-date. A decision has to be made NOW, I learned, as the current license runs out at the end of the month.

Non-knit, non-Brexit

The indefatigable Queen is on a visit to Northern Ireland. She met Martin McGuinness yesterday (they have met before). “How are you?” he asked. “I’m still alive,” she said. (He had once proclaimed her a legitimate target.)


  1. Great quote from HRH. Frau Merkel doesn't seem to think the referendum means nothing. Rather frosty quotes from her in yesterday's news.

    1. will it be 'payback' for WWI and II?

  2. Glyphosate has been given another provisional eighteen months licence. So the OH said. Not that he is worried - he has a lifetime supply now through careful shopping. Such things are possible when one is 73.


    Glyphosate Given Last-Minute Approval Despite Failure to Secure Majority Support

  4. did you watch Federer v Willis? i couldnt watch it live at work due to meetings (and i was annoyed!) but watched the replay on ESPN tonight... such a fun match. fabulous for MW and a good match for RF after the battle on Monday. and thankfully he will be rested on Friday whereas his opponent will not what with the rainouts today. close to 60 matches did NOT play today... i know that the players like the extra week, but i still am surprised to have the entire scheduled shifted back oh well. prayers continue for RF to go deep.