Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My husband is no worse, but still weak and sleepy.  I have spoken to our own practice, and someone – some doctor – will call later in the week. There didn’t seem to be much point in having anyone come yesterday or today, before we know whether the co-amoxicillin is having any effect.

Great sadness: I heard that two of you were with Amy Detjen’s tour group when they had a session at Kathy’s Knits yesterday – but heard too late to be there myself. I can rearrange care for an occasion like that, but it has to be done in advance (as for the EYF, and my recent overnight trip to Strathardle). It’s all the sadder because Kathy had told me that Amy was bringing her group again, and I assumed, having heard nothing, that none of us would be there this time (unlike last year). Last year, I think, my husband must have been in hospital.

So, if it happens again, please let me know.

The hap continues well. I’ve reached round 23 – nearly half-way, in one sense, since there are 50 border rounds altogether. But the catch is that I am increasing eight stitches every other round, so it gets slower and slooooower. That’s the downside to centre-out. But the upside is when I get to knit on the edging at the end, thereby releasing the whole shawl from the constraints of its coracle-like shape, one stitch at a time. I love that bit.

I love the yarn. Most of my previous experience with Jamieson & Smith jumper weight has been in Fair Isle (feral) patterns. This is entirely different, utterly relaxed and cosy.

I’m getting crosser and crosser with Flipboard, as compared to dear old Zite. It’s just a matter of an algorithm – I’m sure Zite didn’t have a Little Old Lady in the office flipping through the knitting blogs. Why can’t Flipbiard do it?


  1. I promise that I'll let you know well in advance if I am ever lucky enough to return to Edinburgh! Isn't it irritating when a favorite app or bit of software goes away or is 'improved' beyond recognition? I haven't tried much with Zite, so I am no help there.

  2. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Dear Jean,
    My niece was in Edinburgh last week with her family and sent me beautiful pictures of your city. It pleased me to think, for those few days, that if you or your husband had had an emergency, I could have sent her via text message to your very doorstep. Our Julia is a whiz at getting things done, like your Helen.
    Carol in Long Island

  3. Carol M, San Diego7:26 PM

    I'm hoping your husband gets better very soon. I am thoroughly enjoying your progress on Gudrun's Hap. Since you've been cross with Flipboard, check out today's Mason-Dixon blog for some cheerful links - like the Japanese Garden shawl.

  4. Carol M, San Diego7:27 PM

    Oops: forgot to attach Mason-Dixon blog link: http://www.masondixonknitting.com/our-favorite-things/summery-snippets/

  5. Glad the knitting's going along well, at least. Got my copy of the Hap book today, and AWESOME! So happy I listened to you and got it. I'm now considering doing a simple square or triangular hap with the center lavender and the edges in a skein of Freya Handpaints that is mostly purples. Might even do a center out one stealing a lace pattern from Beginning Lace Triangles by Evelyn Clark because why not? (The Hap book did mention that there's some evidence that haps were knitted center out as well as all the other constructions so I figure it works)