Wednesday, June 15, 2016

An important anniversary looms: Perdita’s arrival in Drummond Place.

This picture was taken on the 17th of June last year, and I think that must have been the day she arrived. I’ve looked back through my blog entries: they aren’t absolutely clear on the point.


I made that nice bed for her, that first night, and then shut her in the kitchen. I got up a couple of times in the night to see how she was, but found no trace of a kitten. In the morning, she emerged from the cupboard next to the hot water tank, where she must have been sleeping on a pile of plastic bags. Every night since then, except for the very few when circumstances have separated us, she has slept with me.

She has a Very Peculiar Practice, which she still maintains, of nuzzling into my neck at night, kneading, purring, and making sucking noises. It is the only time she ever purrs. I do my best to fill the role of her mother Esther in which I seem to have been cast, but I doubt if I do it very well. I have never known such behaviour in a cat, but on reflection, I have not known all that many cats. Sappho “Kitty” Smits of Detroit and the Jersey shore; Poussin Miles of Leicester, Birmingham, and Kirkmichael, Perthshire, both lived long lives. Neither of them thought I was her mother.

Here is a recent picture of Perdita.


Thanks, as ever, for your comments. I have done the provisional cast-on with a crochet hook over the needle in my day, and I agree, it’s an excellent system, simple and secure. I have also succeeded with the cat ‘s cradle one, although I couldn’t attempt that again before doing some serious revision. I would really like to master the crochet chain – it must be wonderful fun unzipping it, when you’ve got it right. I’m sure you’re right, Liz, that TomofHolland’s chain is a bit longer than needed in order to leave a little bit hanging down at each end for security.

But it’s still a daunting challenge at the beginning of the project, as compared to “Cast on 5 sts. Row 1 (RS) Knit all sts.”

I continue to get on well with Gudrun’s hap. I have joined in the fifth ball of yarn, and may even finish the centre today.

Yesterday afternoon, deliciously, while my husband was resting, I propped up the iPad and knitted and watched Gudrun’s Lesson Three on Craftsy again, about picking up stitches around the centre and doing the set-up rows for the border. My plan is to do that much exactly as instructed and see whether or not I can endure purling alternate rounds.

Now I must find out whether I’ve got the Right Needle to go on with. I’m sure I’ve got the right size and length – but is it fashioned of a beautiful and luxurious material like the shorter one I’m currently using? 


  1. And I see the pepper plants are doing well!

  2. Jean, my Siamese cat, Elouise, did the same neck-nuzzling kneading thing that Perdita does for at least the first year of her life! She will be seven years old in September and still almost does it occasionally. She most enjoys cuddling in my arms, kneading on my upper arm now, not nuzzling then but still nuzzling my neck and almost nipping at it every now and then. She was one of a litter of eight and was taken from her mother a bit young as well, we think she never had enough time with mother. Elouise was Mom's cat for the first six months before I had to take her and she did these things with Mom as well. When she was little she also only purred when she did the neck thing but now purrs anytime I cuddle with her or my husband plays with her....I apparently am not rough enough in play! She's definitely an odd cat but then she's Siamese so that's to be expected!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and Perdita! Our cat, Augie, does the same thing you describe here. He was separated from his mother and littermates at an earlier age than normal, and I've wondered if that has anything to do with it...

  4. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Happy anniversary to Perdita. Such a sweetie...especially when she's sleeping. [As an old friend used to say.] My Mr. Boo used to nuzzle my neck and wanted to be held like a kitten all of his long life and he wasn't taken too early from his mother; that's just a sign of how well we bonded. Many happy years of cuddles and purrs to both of you. - Joe-in Wyoming

  5. My first cat Biscuit was rescued from a bag of dead kittens in the canal - she was very fiesty, but later would occasionally nuzzle in my hair as it was shoulder-length. Hair and clothing sucking is not to be encouraged because with their barbed tongues things can get into a cat that cannot get out again :S I used to have a cat Fraggle whose mother was shot dead - he never grew out of being a kitten and would make t-shirts v wet if not stopped. Alas, he didn't get his road safety training either and was run down age 5 :(

  6. Katerina came to us at 8 months. She is not a lap cat but she tends to snuggle beside me in the afternoon when I lie on the sofa and read and knit.

  7. Shady came to us at somewhere between one and two years old.Walked right in, made himself at home and stayed for 22 more years. When he wanted attention, he would climb into my lap and rub his head under my chin or he would lie down on the top stair and present his tummy. When he didn't want attention...well, that was another story- and he made his wants clear. Had the loudest purr and used it often. I do not think I could ever have another cat- I would always be comparing them.

    I other, happy , news, my Book of Haps arrived here (Northern California) today. I did peek at the e-copy, but this is so much nicer. Many hours of happy daydreaming are planned before I start knitting from it!

    1. california! i am on the east coast and nothing ! lucky you!