Thursday, June 30, 2016


My sister is here until Monday – I won’t try to blog until Tuesday, therefore. But here I am with a quiet moment and a couple of things to say.

Wimbledon continues well. I didn't see much yesterday, but today got to watch a great deal both of Venus' match and of Andy Murray's. I like Serena because of the bond of pulmonary embolism, but I like Venus even better because she's an elder sister and getting a bit elderly herself. She had a tough match, and she was flagging, but she won it.

Thanks for the news about glysophate. I heard it from you first, and there is also an article in the Scotsman’s farming section today. Maybe I’d better stockpile some myself. I remain deeply puzzled about the vote in the European Parliament which, as I understand it, was strongly in favour of licensing glysophate some weeks ago. Did that count for nothing? And, if so, why not?

I’m doing fine with the edging of Gudrun’s hap – I’m a few stitches short of the first corner, and will at least be able to give my sister an impression of what is to come. I popped into Kathy’s Knits today to buy some point protectors, Perdita having eaten all of mine. I need one for the other end of the circular on which the entire shawl is suspended, and one for the other end of the short dp on which I am knitting the edging.

Kathy said that one of you – and I hope you will recognise yourself – flew over from the US recently for her daughter’s graduation from the University of Edinburgh, and flew back within 24 hours as a way of avoiding jet lag, but had just time to nip into Kathy’s Knits which she had read about here. I am sorry we didn’t meet!

I thought for a moment there that Kathy was going to make a present to me of the point protectors, but that didn’t happen.

I see that Kate Davies is taking off for a brief and extremely well-earned holiday. I had one of those absurd moments of panic – I must order the kit for the Uncia pattern NOW before she shop closes. That’s rubbish, of course, and mercifully I didn’t do it. It remains high on my HALFPINT list.


I have been a bit choked-up about the centenary remembering of the battle of the Somme. The anniversary is tonight/tomorrow and it is being observed with great solemnity. It was an extraordinarily terrible thing.


  1. If you happen to read this before your sister leaves please give her my best regards from Downunder.

  2. The European Parliament were mostly in favour of the renewal of glyphosate, but they did not meet the required level of majority (qualified majority), so the decision then deferred to the Commission. The Commission has granted a temporary extension, and will presumably be pressing the parliament to again resolve the issue more emphatically.

    Have fun with your sister - and enjoy the tennis. I havent been much in the mood because of brexit, but perhaps next week I'll be inspired by the Murray brothers.

  3. roger is third in the order of play on Friday... his match with Willis was a delight. fingers crossed that he continues in good health and energy .. although Djokovic looms in the semis... sigh.

    i am reading about Sommes. what a horror. American history tended to whip thru the european part of the war (at least the battles) and at least at my school.

    i hope to read KD's book and pick a hap (taking off friday for a four day weekend and its supposed to storm all day so i will feel less guilty knitting and lounging).

    Have fun with your sister!

  4. Nothing I have read about glyphosate is good. I would be happy if it were banned everywhere.

  5. The Somme commemorations had me choked up as well. The madness and waste and horror. It seems to me in much post war literature (British, anyway) the Somme is shorthand for all of the above, and explains the character to the reader. Have a lovely visit with your sister. Off to read about whatever glysophate is.

  6. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Lunch at the Griswold Inn - thinking of you and family.

  7. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Sister visits are great - enjoy yours. Hope she and her husband are well and enjoying their new home.
    - Beth in Ontario

  8. I am the one who was in Kathy's Knits. She got almost all of it right. My daughter received her masters degree from Heriot Watt. I have been following you for quite a while but have never commented before. Kathy is a delight. I so enjoyed meeting her. Actually the trip wasn't quite so quick as she thought. My daughter and I had already spent several days in Ireland and were headed to London, but of course Edinburgh was the highlight. Thanks for mentioning me on the blog. Next time I would love to meet you.