Sunday, June 05, 2016

Yesterday was better on the nursing front.


Mary Lou, I meant to say – one cannot possibly have too much sorrel soup, in my book. I’m growing it in a pot on the doorstep for that purpose, and would be glad to have ten times as much.

Thank you for your help and encouragement in the matter of (ahem) laying the Sous Sous aside. Jean, the first appearance of the word TOAD in yesterday’s essay is a hyperlink to a whole list of those knitting acronyms. BUFO is a particularly wonderful one which I had forgotten: Boring UnFinished Object. And bufo of course is the genus in which TOADs find themselves: Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust. (I would prefer “Despair”.)

Fuzzarelly, I have followed your advice and eliminated the Sous Sous from the side bar. But I haven’t trashed it. I can still take a deep breath and go back. Love those cables.

KayT, I think I got the Jewel Long Shawl from Sharon’s Etsy shop – I am a member of the Heirloom Knitting group, and I followed a link, and I think that’s where it led.

Despite all the license you kind people have given me – Jane, I want you to persevere with the Dunfallandy blankie. Only two more triangles – that’s nothing. I am a dyed-in-the-wool hater of sewing-up. If I can do it, you can. Bits of mine fell apart and had to be sewn up again. Have you left the stitches live on the final edge of the triangles? I think that helped, when it came to picking up – although it’s a bit late to be telling you now. And I am sure that the picking-up numbers in the Knitty pattern are wrong.

Fortified by your encouragement, I had a good day with half-brioche, thinking ahead to a few design decisions I will eventually (in fact rather soon) have to make – about saddle shoulders and neckline. And I compared hap patterns (Gudrun Johnston, Madeline Weston, Sharon Miller) and can only conclude that there’s a good deal of latitude here. “Knitting is forgiving stuff,” is one of the very best of EZ’s mots.


The BBC put on a brilliant production of “Journey’s End” in (perhaps) 1988, which would have been 70 years after the end of the Great War. I hope it might reappear during the four years of centenary we are currently experiencing. It is searing stuff.

Valerie, yes – at least, I discovered a good deal about RC Sherriff’s writing when looking him up in conjunction with “The Fortnight in September”. I mean to order at least one other of his recently-republished novels.


  1. My fault for missing that the coloured TOAD was a link. Now that I have followed it, I am entertained by the new ones I have learned to the extent of bookmarking tthe page!
    I did know SABLE - guilty as charged but since a lot of mine is charity shop sourced I regard that as a further act of charity, rather like the organisations that find loving homes for unwanted dogs.

  2. I bought the Jewel Long Shawl from Sharon's Etsy shop. Very easy to do. They remembered my credit card number from past transactions! And the book arrived very promptly to Ireland.

  3. I confess I've never made sorrel soup. The recipes all seemed too heavy cream laden, which isn't my favorite sort of soup. I like my heavy cream whipped and on dessert. I'll have to look further. I have used the sorrel just sort of melted in the pan with butter as a sauce for salmon, which is tasty.

  4. I will persevere with the Dunfallandy. I did leave all the stitches on the outside live. If I can get to that point, I will have no problem finishing. I am on the last clue of the Game of Thrones KAL shawl and love the pattern so far. It should get finished this week. It is in Mad Tosh light in the Tart color.

  5. Now that's the sort of sorrel soup I can handle. I'm going to try that - maybe tomorrow, it's supposed to be cool.