Sunday, June 26, 2016

Knitlass, your Irish friend will be perfectly all right. The right of citizens of the Irish Republic to live and work – and vote – in Britain is enshrined, as they say, in an Act of Parliament from the 1940’s. It has nothing to do with the EU.

It could be that the reason why older people have voted Brexit in greater numbers than the young, is that we can remember Britain before all this started happening.

I’m not as worried as a lot of you are (although Archie&I voted Remain). To me, this will mean that Scotland’s battered fishing industry can reclaim our inshore waters (until Mrs Sturgeon takes us back into the EU, of course) and that we can decide for ourselves whether or not to go on using glysophate in our gardens and on our farms. The democratically-elected EU parliament decided in open session some weeks ago, by a considerable majority, that glysophate was OK. The unelected Commission in Brussels will decide this week, behind closed doors, whether we can use it. That’s the sort of thing I don’t understand or like.

And I do not think the Brexit leaders are madmen. Students from Europe, as from further afield, will still be able to study here, I feel sure. The position of foreign passport-holders who live here, and British passport-holders who live elsewhere, may prove slightly more difficult, or may not.  There are such things as visas. Three of our four children have wandered the world. One or another of them has lived and worked in Mumbai, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Cairo, Bahrain – to mention only the non-EU places. The world is pretty small these days. I don’t think that will change.

 I’m a bit worried about Ketki’s job – she works for J.P.Morgan in Glasgow. She and Alexnder and the Little Boys are on holiday in the US at the moment. I am sure she is facing the future with Hindu calm.

I had better go back to talking about knitting.

I have only nine rounds of the Hansel border left to do. I have joined in Contrast Colour One, last as it was first. Five more rounds of that, then four final rounds in the main colour, and I’m ready for the edging. Can I get that far before my sister gets here on Wednesday? The rounds are awfully long by now. I’ve re-watched Gudrun’s Craftsy lesson about knitting the edging, and am raring to go.


  1. Re students from the EU studying here. At the moment they pay the same fees as British students. When we leave, I think I am right in saying that they will be required to pay the same rate as the rest of the world - a considerably higher figure. This would almost certainly put a brake on numbers applying and thus University income. My son has a number of EU postgraduate students and his department also receives research funds from Europe.
    The world is a different place from the time when a large part of the globe was coloured pink! I (an older person) voted Remain for my grandchildrens' future. I also do happen to think that the Brexit leaders are not people I want in charge of Britain. Even more so if Scotland become independent.

  2. Jean, as usual I appreciate your calm, sane and thoughtful views on things. If you would care to run for Prime Minister (or maybe US President!), if I could, I would vote for you.

    Also, the more you talk about the Hansel the more tempted I am by it...but my list of projects for which I already have yarn is pretty long.

  3. Jean, just before reading your post, I had read a collation of tweets recording acts of blatant xenophobia and racism in England in the past 48 hours. There is a segment of the (white) UK population that is using Brexit as a license to unleash hatred. We are of course witnessing similar incidents here in the U.S. among Trunp supporters, especially at his rallies. In both cases, whatever legitimate concerns about the present systems of government the pro-Brexit and pro-Trump supporters have, the tone and energy of both groups terrify me.

  4. Jean, I waited for your take on Brexit. One or two opinions is plenty, when they come from Reliable Witnesses. I'm just as happy it wasn't my decision to make.

    As for the hap, it relaxes me just to read your descriptions!

  5. So glad to hear you thinking of the fishing - I hope I live long enough to see Newlyn begin to thrive again, if it is able. I also think of the map on the Nursing School wall, with pins for every student. UK of course, and Ireland, plus all over the west of Europe, Africa, Asia - and this all while President de Gaulle was saying "Non". I believe we shall be OK.

  6. EU students studying at Scottish universities do not pay any fees, as they are treated in the same way as Scottish students. Students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland have to pay fees, as do students from overseas. Uncertain times for those many thousands of EU students already studying here and due to start in September this year.

    1. At my (English) university, the VC has said current students will be unaffected. Still not sure what will happen to those planning to start in September. And we are very worried about potentially losing EU research funding (we are rather good at getting that).

  7. Anyway - I'm glad you can be sanguine about it! I know lots of folks are pleased - but the political vacuum in Westminster is very worrying. At least our FM is doing her job.

    Glad the hap is going well!

  8. Sorry, but I am sick and tired of hearing about the evil deeds of the "unelected Commission in Brussels"…all about the glyphosate extension here:; I quote: "Despite repeated efforts from the Commission to address concerns expressed about the re-approval of glyphosate, Member States were not prepared to take responsibility for a decision as no qualified majority was reached at the Standing Committee on 6 June and again at the Appeal Committee on 24 June. As a result, taking into account the extremely thorough and stringent scientific assessment of the active substance by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the Member States' national agencies, the Commission extended today the approval of glyphosate for a limited period of time, until the end of 2017 at the latest." - so basically, until those who should decide have additional information and will finally make their mind up!