Friday, September 16, 2016

Greek Helen and her son Mungo and I went to the hospital together yesterday, and had a good visit. I’ll go alone today, and tomorrow not at all, as I am going to North Berwick with a friend. I’ve been past it often, and once went there to buy petrol on a journey south. But I’ve never been to North Berwick, per se. It’s a long way north of Berwick.

I think my four children and my sister feel that care of my husband at home is going to be more than I can cope with, even given maximum care. Helen and I are going on Monday to see the care home which a friend and I sussed out over a year ago – the one with the cat on the staff, although he no longer seems to be there. He was old. And on Tuesday we’re going to talk to the consultant in charge of the ward where my husband is.

I am much torn. He would be devastated. What about the marriage vows?


A bit more ribbing-of-the-second-sock while we were at the hospital, and a successful day with the Uncia. I have done row 214 of Chart C, out of 228. I got rid of the six stitches I had mistakenly added, and I think you’d have to stop the bloody horse and get off before you could spot the place. There are people on Ravelry who seem to be able to sit all afternoon knitting Uncia while the Olympics roar in the background. Not me.

I think the travelling stitches and cables of Chart C are more or less discernible at the top of that image.

It occurred to me as I was toiling on yesterday, what an expenditure of time this must have involved for Lucy Hague. Not just designing it, and knitting the prototype, although that is no small thing, but devising the charts – there are 34 different symbols on page 86, where I am at the moment. I couldn’t say, and won’t attempt to, whether there are more and others, on other pages. But I can say that the charts are brilliantly done, and reliable.

She lives somewhere around here, and often helps out in Kathy’s Knits where I was yesterday buying a cable needle to help with all this.


Perdita doesn’t seem to be eating. But we all know that a cat rivals an IRA terrorist when it comes to starving oneself to death to make a point. Does anyone remember an otherwise utterly unremarkable movie with Donald Sutherland or Elliot Gould, which has a wonderful 90-minute sequence in which the hero finds himself out of cat food, and goes to the all night grocery but they don’t have the right brand, so he goes home, and pushes the cat out of the kitchen, and decants the wrong cat food into an empty tin of the right brand and then invites the cat back in for feeding?

I don’t remember that we are shown the cat’s disdainful response.


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Jean, remember that your husband also made vows, and going into a home is a way for him to care for you. Hang on to that thought! He might not have it of his own accord.

  2. The thought of working from a chart with 34 different symbols makes my head hurt! I'm such a lazy knitter. Good for you to stick with it. I don't think that marriage vows mean always doing what the other person wants most, especially if it is not safe for either of you. The children have both of your interests at heart. Glad you are getting away for a day's outing.

  3. Oh yes, I agree with Mary Lou and southern gal. Vows go both ways and taking care of each other, not wreaking havoc on the one in order to soothe the other. Where he'll get the best care is where he needs to be. That way you are looking out for him and yourself too. You've got your family dubiously regarding the prospect of him being Adequately cared for at home. They're rightly concerned about both of you.
    I've just got back from some weeks away and had a long sit down to catch up on your knitting and life adventures. While I don't write in often, as others often have already expressed my thoughts more concisely than I could, I'm always delighted to see a new post!

  4. You and your husband did an exemplary job of raising children to adults who seem to be both intelligent and wise. May their counsel, coming from clear-eyed love of both of you, help with deciding what comes next. I hope your husband can come to peace with it all.