Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Not a stitch, yesterday.

Greek Helen did the hospital visiting, and found that my husband had had more “episodes” after I last saw him in the early afternoon on Sunday. He was in bed, where he had been all day, but alert and – really good news! – ate a hearty supper while she was there. I usually visit at lunchtime, and he usually consumes little of that meal.

We had a good time at the Surrealism expo, I guess, but I found it rather depressing. I sort of thought that surrealism was fun, but of course it was very much a product of the interwar years in Europe, which were not fun. A couple of the great Magrittes were there, and I am glad to have seen them.

Alexander made this for my husband – goodness! 14 years ago. I think Magritte would have appreciated it.

Archie and I walked back to Drummond Place. I wasn’t at all sure that I could do it, and was delighted to discover that I could. Google and the signposts suggest that the distance is about 1 ½ miles, but we didn’t fly like crows. We walked steadily for an hour, being shunted back and forth across the Water of Leith and at one point being diverted away from it for a considerable stretch. We couldn’t have failed to cover something approaching 3 miles.

And I’m ready for the phone call this afternoon from my Financial Adviser – that’s something achieved. There was a considerable little panic first thing this morning when I thought I couldn’t find my Social Security number. I found James’ and Alexander’s and Helen’s before I found my own, but now I’ve got it. [Rachel is an Englishwoman, and has always been.] And I’ve printed out the documents I will need to sign and consign to the post.

I haven’t grafted the toes of those socks, but there’s still this evening. I’m not going to trudge to a post office until tomorrow.


  1. I think you are right - Magritte would have appreciate the artwork. I have a problem, though. Why do I feel strongly that the pipe is facing the wrong way? What is going on here?

  2. =Tamar4:23 PM

    A theory about the pipe position: In heraldry, all beings face to the left as we look at them. However, heraldic terminology is according to the person carrying the shield; thus, something facing "left" is considered to be facing rightward, dexter (left is sinister). Ordinary drawings tend to follow the same rule, possibly out of cultural habit, so we are trained to expect that position, and the pipe looks backwards to us.

  3. Might also be that looking at it, I think it's hung to be taken most easily by the left hand. If you're walking along the wall towards the bowl, you'd either grab it with your left hand or turn around/reach around your body to grab it with your right and then the bowl's facing you and you have to turn it around to smoke.
    Doesn't make it look wrong to me, I'd just assume someone left-handed hung it.
    And ah, SS numbers. I guess you don't need those as much being in the UK. Mine was one of the set of numbers "YOU MUST KNOW" growing up, though it was the last one added. Others were phone numbers for mom and grandparents, addresses of same, birthdates, that sort of thing.

    1. Ok, sorry, forgot part of that first paragraph. If you're turning 180 degrees around to grab it with your right, then what I said about the bowl is right. If you're reaching around your body, it is not, but man that's awkward to do.