Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I had a good day yesterday, relaxed without the anticipated-stress and exhaustion-afterwards of hospital visiting. I spent the whole day here, but at least I got some things done. Old sticky-keys is back in action – you were right, whoever suggested that a new battery in the mouse would work wonders. I’ve remembered how to make it go, and re-accessed Lotus Organizer. And in the evening I re-set a forgotten password and got back to my Rosetta Stone Italian lessons.

And I finished Chart B of the Uncia, and made a six-row start on Chart C. I am finding it very difficult – now it’s the right-side rows which are near-impossible, and those cable crossings, each slightly different. I am very near the half-way point number-of-rows-wise, and can therefore say that I’m pretty well on target for size, allowing for blocking.

I had hoped to be able to combine Uncia-knitting with television-viewing by now, but alas no. I watched part of the first episode of “Victoria” (unconvinced that she was anything like that, even in youth) but couldn’t knit.

Mary Lou, thanks for the pointer to the Fair Isle pattern book (comment yesterday), ordered as soon as seen.

Many thanks, too, for everybody’s comments about my husband and his problems. Yours was a good, sharp question, Abland – could he, in a care home, be any crosser than at present? (Except that he would be without hope.) When I was briefly in hospital myself last summer with my pulmonary embolisms, I was impressed and touched with the old woman in the ward who was just as happy as any of us to be released, although she was going back to a care home.


  1. I don't want to spoil your Uncia fun, but I am finished know - and nowhere in the pattern would I have attempted tv on the side, even though I see myself as an experienced knitter. well, ok, maybe the chart before last would have been doable, but if a mistake is made the undoing of that is worse than knitting without tv, I think! I hope you'll still enjoy it:)

  2. LeslieAnn2:02 PM

    It may be that your daughters and sons need to be more involved with your husband in the decisions about a care home vs. returning home to an impossible situation. Your welfare is something to be considered here, too! Perhaps they can bring their concerns for you into these discussions with him--a little balance here wouldn't hurt!

  3. =Tamar3:45 PM

    I wonder if it might help for everyone concerned to consider consciously grieving for the loss of youthful physical ability. Anger is the first stage of grief, I think.

  4. Anonymous9:31 PM

    They are in the US, so a different set of rules, but my in-laws have worked it out so that FIL comes "home" once a week and spends the night with caregivers onsite and spends the rest of the week at the care home. Not perfect, but working for them for now