Friday, September 09, 2016

Well, on we go.

Yesterday’s hospital visit was distressing, for my husband’s sadness and desperate wish to come home. I am sure the hospital is as keen to get rid of him as he of it, and meanwhile he is brilliantly looked after, in a private room. But it’s still tough. Helen will come with me today. She is adamant that we mustn’t try to jump the gun, by taking him home before the hospital is ready to release him and a care package is in place.

The Whiskey Barrel sock is far enough along that I must decide before today’s visit, how long the foot is to be before I start decreasing for the toe.

And I moved the Uncia a few rows on, not without difficulty. It is interesting, on Ravelry, to see how many people have already finished it. In my present situation, I should have as much knitting-time as anybody, but it doesn’t seem to be working out that way.

I’m about halfway through Chart B. I’ve worked an increase row, fairly successfully. There are mistakes, further down. I can see them.

Chloe, I was greatly taken with your suggestion of working from the written instructions. What written instructions? But after a good deal of faffing about, and almost posting an ignorant query to the Ravelry group, I found the paragraph at the end of the Haps book. The only difficulty now is, that the link doesn’t work. Was it meant to be temporary?

My main difficulty is much as feared – having to remember, at any given moment, which direction I’m going in and therefore whether the basic symbols – plain white and plain black squares – mean “knit” or “purl”. Fancier symbols I can handle.

Mary Lou, I was much taken by your remark about buying knitting books for your Kindle and printing out a page. How do you do that? I recently bought a “Vintage Visage Old Shetland Lace” pattern, from Amazon I think, available only in Kindle form, expecting to be able to print it out. I think I can at least mail it to myself, page by page. Is that what you do?

I’ve had a look at the new Knitty a day early, in my role as a patron, and there are some good things there. I wish Franklin would resume writing for them.


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    It would do no harm to enquire about progress with the care package and what equipment is needed to get your husband home. You have reinforcements today and two heads are better than one. It would give you time to make your own plans.
    Best wishes, helen (anon)

  2. Regarding the Uncia, I often hang a removable marker on the right side of a scarf or shawl to keep myself oriented. Every 10 or so rows I move it up so it is easy to see. Lacking such a marker, a safety pin would do.

    Karen in PA

  3. Anonymous12:25 PM

    So sorry, Jean, I should have given you the Raveler's name so you could query her directly. It is "Blousemaker" and she has the green shawl which by my present count is the 13th one listed on Ravelry. It is a bright green. Downloading the written instructions does require a unique code which I also have just spent some fruitless time searching for. Maybe Blousemaker can help you. Ultimately if you do find it and it does help you, all this effort will be worth it. Just sorry that my comment is so currently frustrating. I will continue to look. Maybe, if I find my invoice, it will be on that. Chloe

  4. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Jean - I just found the Written Instructions in my Ravelry Library under Books (on Ieft-hand side of screen for me). I clicked on Book of Haps and got 3 PDFs. The third one down contained the written instructions and German translation. good luck! Chloe

  5. To be honest, I don't print directly from the ipad, but from the computer. Most of the knitting books I've purchased are pdf files, and can also be opened on the computer, then pages printed as needed. If they are not, you can have the kindle app on your computer and do a screen capture of the page you want. Past that into a text or word doc and print. I hope this helps. I've sent you an example. Here's hoping for a more peaceful day. I'm so happy that Helen is there for moral support in saying no, no yet.

  6. I would suggest opening the pdf on your laptop as well. It will be easier to print the page you want from there. You can open the pdf link from your Ravelry library. Please let me know if you need help. I manage support for a software company so would be glad to help you.

  7. Carol in San Diego4:34 PM

    Jean, there is errata posted for the Uncia on Ravelry in this discussion thread:
    I can understand how hard it must be for your husband not be home. This is a difficult situation for both of you. I am so happy your Greek Helen is back in town. Do post a picture of the Whiskey Barrel socks again!

  8. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I fear that coming home too early, and without adequate care, would result in a rapid readmission possibly in worse shape. And perhaps a second patient in the exhausted person attempting care which requires two experienced hospital staff in tandem to supply.......I know it is hard for everyone.

    re Uncia, I am following with interest as I hope to start this myself - just trying to decide which grey yarn from stash is The One.


  9. You may have to email KD about the pdf download code. You were given your book at the launch, weren't you? Ordinary online orders are emailed a download code with the order confirmation.