Monday, September 19, 2016

So today is when life gets exciting. Helen and I are going to visit a possible care home in the early afternoon, armed with lists of questions. Then on to visit my husband and perhaps to put the idea seriously to him. The care home is further from here than the hospital, but mercifully in the same direction.

We had a good visit yesterday. My husband asked how many socks I had finished during his current imprisonment. Good question. Presumably all of the Vampires – when did I start them? Since we never travel these days, and I don’t knit socks at home, hospital visiting is the only time. Yesterday I finished the ribbing on the second Whiskey Barrel sock, as hoped, and made a good start – 20 rounds – down the leg.

I also had a good day with the Uncia. I finished Chart C, as hoped. I have even knit the first row of Chart D. But that still leaves Charts D, E, F, G and H – 170 rows –- so there’s no need to get too worked up. I am still very pleased with the way it's looking, a determined to forge ahead as fast as I can before life closes over my head.


  1. Ah, but eventually you will be able to come up for air.

  2. I do hope that today went well for you. I am winding the yarn for Uncia at this very moment.

    Re memory tests: When asked to name the PM, my dear mother offered "Clement Attlee." She knew it wasn't right, but it was the only name she could come up with.

  3. Fingers crossed for positive results at both the care home and in your husband's reception of the plan.
    Uncia is calling to me, but I have resisted so far, although I'm definitely weakening!
    My aunt used to prepare herself for those memory questions, as did my mom. I could see them rehearsing, because the questions were always the same and always in the same order. I don't think my mother could, at that point, spell anything backwards except 'world', the one she was asked about at every single visit. I found it both funny and frustrating because how on earth they were to obtain an accurate assessment using such a flawed tool was beyond me.
    I've noticed that I'm not always sure which day of the week it is, not having my teaching job to go to these days and am thankful I'm not being tested on my ability to answer that one on a regular basis!

  4. have been thinking of you today ... fingers crossed that there is better news to come about life ahead.