Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy equinox, everybody! I often think of the calendar year in terms of the Musical Cars competition which ends the Strathardle Highland Games every year. Cars drive round and round the field, and when the music stops the passenger leaps out and tries to secure one of the stakes in the ground at the centre.

After many years as a spectator, I drove and Joe Ogden ran a few years ago. We did rather well, although we didn't win. One tries to drive a little faster at one or two unfortunate points in the circuit – especially when driving past the dancing platform. This quadrant of the year – from here to the solstice – is definitely on a level with the dancing platform.

Otherwise, I have little to report.

My husband was unusually sleepy yesterday – “Have they drugged me?” I sat with him for an hour and a half, or so, knitting away. He didn’t even ask about coming home. We’ll see how things go today.

Helen and I are thinking of going to Strathardle tomorrow. There are apples to be picked and potatoes to be dug, and water to be drained for the winter. If I’m not here, that’s why.

My poor sister is terrified by the election. Understandably. I am obsessively interested in it, and glad to be viewing it at one remove. I hope Monday’s debate will be see-able on our television if one is willing to sit up until the middle of the night.

Apart from the Whiskey Barrel socks, I reached row 241 of the Uncia – seven rows to go in Chart D. I am beginning to get the hang of what’s going on at the moment, and can knit (slowly) across without much peering. Everything will no doubt change in Chart E.

And, later, I watched “National Treasure”. It was undoubtedly “good” but I doubt if I’ll go on. No one in it was very nice. I found I couldn’t knit as I watched, but I persevered and did another edging point on the hap shawl afterwards. Now that I’m back in the saddle, I’ll aim for one a day. 


  1. I know what you mean about the tv show. There has to be at least one character that I can root for or I just can't be bothered to watch.

  2. I feel like there is so much unpleasantness and unkindness, if all the characters in a show are like that, I'm not interested. I hope you get to Strathardle, sounds like a good day.

  3. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I wonder, does your husband get any occupational therapy in the hospital? We all need something to do no matter how diminished our faculties become. Christopher Reeve managed to direct a movie while bedridden and on a ventilator. Not everyone has his resources but not that much is required. Maybe an OT specialist can help him find something that he can do that he can be passionate about. Even talking on the phone once a day to someone who shares a mutual interest. Something that will help him to redirect all that angry, negative energy. After all, we have our knitting... Chloe

  4. Jean, I understand how your sister feels - I feel the same way. Do go to the Centre of the Universe tomorrow and get some fresh air and fresh perspective. A change of scene, especially to one so beloved, should work wonders.

  5. About the debate, take a look at, Oregon Public Broadcasting. They have both radio and tv available to view/listen on your computer, and they always cover the debates with no commercials and a minimum of helpful comments from commentators.


  6. I felt the same way about House of Cards as you do about National Treasure. Well acted, well crafted and all the characters were absolutely unlike-able to me.

    Have you watched the Frontline piece The Choice 2016? I need to watch it before the debates. I hope that the debates do hold candidates to facts with some on-site veracity checks, but we'll see.

  7. I admire your tenacity with Uncia. I am just finishing Chart A. I would like to be able to anticipate those yarn overs and Make I purls. Lucy Hague describes her visit to Cologne Cathedral as one of her inspirations. We were there last week - pictures on my blog - and you can see those Gothic arches in bas-relief and grey scale on the main fa├žade.

  8. Much as I admire the Uncia, your struggles with it have convinced me that I will NEVER EVER cast it on my needles. Good thing I fell for Houlland, Montbrettia & Happenstance instead!! Go dig spuds & forget your responsibilities for an afternoon. Home grown spuds are beautiful, no matter what.