Thursday, September 14, 2017

All continues well. I’ve now done fifteen of the twenty-two increase-one-stitch-each-end-of-every-sixth-round for the first sleeve of Miss Rachel’s Yoke – and have discovered that I have two unwound skeins of the basic grey, in addition to the one I wound and joined in last night. One more than I thought. That should be plenty.

And – great excitement: I’ve had one of those “unfortunately-we-can’t-deliver-your-item” cards from the post office. A modest Customs charge, and the usual outrageous "handling fee". That’ll be the Soutache. I ought to be able to deal with that on-line and get the package on Monday.

What else? Not much. I recently watched a delightful video by Meg, on the Schoolhouse website, about i-cord. Nothing you don’t know, but it’s worth watching for the happy cat that weaves in and out of every shot. Meg explains that she has been away, and he is glad to have her back.

I worry about leaving Perdita. I will be going to London for two or three nights at the end of October, for Orla’s Christening. And of course to Palermo, in January. And on my cruise, next summer. She has been a strange and rather disagreeable cat since kittenhood, but for a lot of that time she and I have lived alone here, and, like Meg’s cat, she doesn’t like being away from me.

Joni, thank you very much for the tip about the translation app. Both Archie and I will have smartphones with us – presumably the all-seeing Eye in the Sky will be able to guide us around Palermo as it does around Edinburgh. Archie doesn’t speak a word of Italian, and he will be out on his own some of the time, while I nap or go to bed early. 


  1. Book Perdita into a cattery and go away with a clear conscience, Jean.
    Now, a new series for you to try. Go to and choose Media from the toolbar at the top. This is series made for Australian television and aimed at encouraging sixth formers to study philosophy at university. I found it stimulating. Full disclosure - he is the son of old friends.

  2. Thanks for the tip about the Meg Swansen video (or should I say the cat video?). It's always hard to leave pets at home, but Perdita is young and healthy, and it's good your first trip will be a short one, so you can see how things go and what arrangements might be tweaked for the longer trips.

  3. Perhaps a friend would house sit for you. cats can catch things at kennels. And perhaps be a bit shocked by Being in a cage all day. I have friends who come and sit for a bit at dinner time and of course come back at breakfast time. I personally think cats do better staying in their own environment even alone (although I have two so they have each other ) rather than going to a new place where they have no idea they will be retrieved. I am sure that there is someone who would help out even if for a small fee. I know there are services that will do that and also check on the house and bring in the mail etc