Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Today’s sadness – nothing to do with yesterday’s – is a blow indeed. Hermione is gone.

Alexander phoned in the early afternoon, from her earthly home in a suburb of Glasgow, to say that no kitten remained except the ginger tom. Poor little boy – but I don’t want him.

I don’t think there was any confusion in the telephone call in which I staked my claim to Hermione. Well, except for the basic confusion: which kitten was mine? There were two tortoiseshell-and-white girls, and their unwanted brother. I was to have one of the girls. Her owner wasn’t quite sure which one she had already promised. The moral is, I fear – when you find the kitten you want, go get it; don’t depend on the kindness (or reliability) of strangers for a week.

Carla emailed to say that the ending is just like the Gondoliers, which I had myself cited a few days ago. (“One of the two, who will soon be here/ But which of the two, it is not quite clear/ is the royal prince you married.”) At the end of the operetta, it turns out that neither of them is.

So I start again, heartbroken. Perdita says we didn’t need a kitten anyway.

I had a lovely day out with C. Here she is at Stobo Kirk.

And here is the current state of the Soutache. It’s not quite as good as it looks, but I think it’ll do. I think perhaps this is the moment to go back to Miss Rachel and finish the second sleeve:

Mary Lou, I do agree that the “Glaswegian” sweater in the new Knitty is delectable. Knitting with plotulopi is (like fancy brioche) something I have never done and really ought to try. But I’ve got plenty of Unknit Sweaters here – I can always order plotulopi from Meg, or indeed from Iceland. I don’t need to ask my sister to get it for me now.


  1. I do suspect Perdita of sending e-mails to say you changed your mind and did not want a kitten after all.

    The Soutache is lovely. Really wonderful. I wish I could do that but don't know if I am up to learning it, with so many other projects waiting for me. Thanks for sharing the adventure with us.

  2. Yes I wouldn't put it past Perdita either. She has playednwith your keyboard before, hasn't she?

  3. I am in awe of your Soutache. Please don't be too distraught over the kitten. Perdita may be correct in that it wasn't the right kitten. I experienced the same two years age. A few weeks later the absolutely perfect kitten came along.

  4. I can´t believe that it is so difficult for you to get a kitten. I could have at least half a dozen here in my German village, from different mothers, in different colours and all for free.
    By the way, we once had a ginger tom and it was the best cat we ever had.

  5. Maybe the ginger tom was the kitten Perdita wanted, so she arranged it that he was left for you?

  6. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I think we all feel almost as disappointed/ticked off as you do. Germany almost sounds like a good idea:-). Chloe

  7. I am sorry about Hermione. It is surprising that kittens are hard to come by in Edinburgh, but there must be another waiting for you.

  8. Bit off of the cat owner to promise you a kitten and then give it to someone else instead. Your son must have been non-plussed -( or was that non-pussed?)

    I love the colours that you have chosen for the Soutache.

  9. Good gracious that Soutache is impressive! Like others I am surprised that finding a kitten is proving such a challenge.

  10. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Wow Soutache is fabulous! Looks like you have mastered the two-colour work very fast.
    Enjoy the knitting.

  11. So sorry about the kitty:(! The Soutache is beautiful. Love the beautiful warm color!