Monday, September 18, 2017

The Soutache package is safely here, and very beautiful. I hope to cast on later in the week.

I have finished the first sleeve of Miss Rachel’s Yoke – I’m a stitch short, unaccountably – and have done the wrist ribbing for the second, and, indeed, have embarked on the first coloured band. I think I’ve got a new episode of “Victoria” to watch, and in a moment I’ll go do that. It doesn’t require much concentration.

And once I have finished the three coloured bands, and am embarked on the easy part of the second sleeve, I don’t see why I shouldn’t introduce the Soutache as a second WIP for alternate days.

The new issue of Knitting came through the letterbox along with the Soutache package. Some interesting news – an Addi circular needle for socks, 25cm, with one needle tip substantially longer than the other. Would that make it possible to use a circular for socks without torturing one’s wrists? Bliss, if so.

And there’s going to be something on YouTube (where it’s all happening) called “The Knit Show”, starting October 5. It sounds interesting, although I refuse to be lured away from Andrew & Andrea.

And the Purl Princess (back page) sent me off to New Leaf Yarns, a spinner of alpaca with various wools. It turns out they’re virtually on my doorstep. I’ve ordered their set of mini-skeins, alpaca and Wensleydale. Somehow, mini-skeins – of which, by now, I’ve got quite a few sets – don’t seem quite as wicked as buying yarn per se. This set can surely become a Christmas hat for somebody.

You’ll have heard that Kate Davies is launching a line of ready-made knitwear? I hope she doesn’t over-extend herself.


I have spent the day in an agony of indecision. There were a couple of sweeties on Gumtree this morning. I won’t insist on tortoiseshell-and-white this time (if I go ahead with this mad idea) although I wouldn’t mind another. I don’t want a boy, or black, or white, or black and white. (Although, oh dear! They look sweet, sitting up for the camera, with their little white whiskers on their earnest black faces.) That more or less leaves tabby.

Can I do it, to Perdita? My absences are stressful for her. What if I came back, after a couple of hours, not with armloads of groceries, but with another cat? Even a small one. I don’t think she’d like it. 


  1. GrannyPurple10:07 PM

    When my younger cat "catnapped" me in a parking lot, she joined a slightly older cat, also female. For a year or so, they ignored each other, and then one day I discovered them asleep, all curled up together. Then there were the nocturnal olympics, when they strapped on their little concrete paws and hared up and down the hardwood floor in the hallway. I think they always like to have one of their own ilk about the house!

  2. You might find an entirely unsuspected aspect of Perdita's personality if you get her a companion....she will become the Senior member of the Cat Household and will probably become very bossy and opinionated toward her younger charge. That is what happened here, until the Younger grew some and straightened her Elder out!

  3. Anonymous1:03 AM

    There are the all-grey ones. And the pointed ones, like Siamese. And a friend has a pair of slinky blue ones.

    I'm not a cat lover, but if I were, I'd get an all-grey one.

    Beverly in NJ.

  4. We've often had 3 cats at a time, and for the most part things have been peaceful between all of them. Some even became fast friends. Now is the time to do it, when Perdita is still young. It is harder when cats get older, not sure why, unless it is a territorial thing.
    I just read Kate Davies blog post. I'm sure her garments will be gorgeous, though very expensive.

  5. I too am a fan of Andrew and Andrea. And I am also a great fan of Vickie's. One can enjoy both:)! So enjoy:)!

  6. I don't think she'd like a cat roommate at all. The best cats are only cats. Cats don't want sibs. Cats' personalities change when there is competition. I think a wonderful cat sitter is the answer, Jean. Perdita is such an interesting and unique cat and I think it would hurt her feelings if she had to share you. Besides, cats do naughty things when they are upset. Wow. I sure have opinions about this! Sorry!

  7. There are ways to help introduce cats to each other. Many cats live together quite successfully. Some become bonded and others ignore each other and every step in between. Start with keeping the new cat in a separate room; rub towels on each cat and trade towels so that they get used to each others smell. etc.
    However, a good cat sitter is still needed. Hopefully one who will play with her in addition to feeding and cleaning the box. We usually leave out "dirty" clothes or towels for the cats when we are away.

  8. I am beginning to amass a collection of mini-skeins. I must figure out what to do with them. I might look at a colorwork hat. My opinion on cats is limited to sneezing, so I'll stay out of this discussion.

  9. Anonymous3:04 PM

    If you do decide on a tabby I think they are more common, and you may be able to adopt a rescue free of charge. At least here in the States. Scotland may be different. Of course more of the burden of first vet visit with shots, etc. will fall on you, but no doubt you have already gotten a pet doctor so that won't be an additional chore. We often pet-sit two cats, one boy, one girl who occupy vastly separate parts of the house but whether this is because of innate catliness or their own particular personality clashes, is hard to tell. Chloe