Friday, September 29, 2017

Sorry about yesterday – I wasn’t very well.

There has been a major development on the kitten front. Thinking along your lines, Moorecat (comment, Wednesday) – Mystery Kitten-A-Long: I love it! – but not wanting to have anything further to do with the woman in Glasgow who betrayed me, yesterday I wrote to Perdita’s birth mother.

I remembered her name, Esther. I hadn’t the vaguest idea of her owner’s name, but “Esther” is a rare enough word that I easily found the email address I needed by searching my email archives for that. I expected that she would be dead, or spayed, or just wouldn’t answer.

But there was an answer this morning. Esther is alive and well. She had a litter of kittens on August 12 (the day before my own birthday) among whom are two callico’s. They haven’t been advertised yet; I can have my pick. Talk about kismet.

“Hermione” is a lovely name, but I sort of feel I used it up on those Glasgow kittens I’ll never see. I’m thinking of reverting to the family tradition of names-beginning-with-P and calling Perdita’s sister Pandora. There’s one more possible character in the Winter’s Tale, Paulina – but is it Paul-eye-na or Paul-ee-na? Whichever I chose, the alternative would haunt me.

Knitting continues reasonably well, except that I think I have seriously messed up a recent row. Tinking is not easy in brioche. Perhaps the best course is to adopt Marchant’s advice and address the problem in the morning.

I went to see “Victoria and Abdul” this morning with our niece C. It is a lavish spectacle. There’s not terribly much story. The Shetland shawl we were interested in makes only a very brief appearance – most of the lace the Queen wears is needle lace. 


  1. Well that is good news! I vote for Pandora. Unless you think that will mark her as a trouble maker.

  2. After seeing how she gets along with she might well be called persnickety.

  3. Portia? Phaedra? Pamela? Phoebe? Paloma? Petra/Petronella? Persephone?

    Lots more here:

  4. Wow! That's your kitten! Perdita will know it's her sib!

  5. The important thing about cat names is that the new one have a distinctive sound. Similar names are confusing when calling a cat. (I'd say Paul-ee-na; wouldn't choose that name, though.)

  6. Given the affinity between cats and boxes, Pandora is a perfect name.

  7. So pleased for you, Jean, and looking forward to "meeting" the new kitten.

  8. =Tamar2:32 PM

    Hooray for Esther! Of the names Moorecat suggested, I'd go with Portia to avoid confusion with Perdita (as Barbara-Kay indicated). My preference would be to avoid names that imply unwanted behavior, thus I would avoid Pamela and Persephone, since they imply having to search under beds or in dark places. No doubt she will tell your her name when she arrives.

  9. When I acquired a kitten, I waited for it to declare its name. It had a habit of running up the curtains and my friend suggested Chloe (claw-ey) It stuck.

  10. what a wonderful idea and coincidence indeed! its FATE!

    i vote for something other than paulina too. in the camp of the similar sounding name. my remaining two are Emil and Isolde... different enough and with their own stories.

    Portia is great. as is Pamela (i have a sister Pamela and we say Pamela like palmela not Pamela like spamela

    perhaps one that has different number of syllables - two or one since Perdita has three

    heres some more and their meaning
    Prudence - good judgement
    Pheobe - sparkling
    Petra - rock
    Paloma - dove
    Phyllis - green bough
    Pippa (maybe not)
    Pearl - precious
    Pegeen - pearl
    Philomena (long but nice)

    these are from

    cant wait to meet her!