Friday, September 22, 2017

Yesterday was a day of total non-achievement, followed by early bed. I am determined to do better today.

Non-achievement, but not non-event. Classes for EYF ’18 will be bookable from October 14. That pretty well means, on October 14. Last year, all the plums were taken by tea-time.

I found this announcement in my in-box early yesterday. But there was no mention of when the class list would be available. One needs time to think, so that one can be poised with finger on the buzzer. What if Franklin is coming, for instance? It’s not impossible.

I posted an anxious note to the Ravelry group, and an assurance soon followed that the class list would be announced a week before classes go on sale. They don’t miss many tricks, those ladies.

Not a third cat, but alpaca-and-Wensleydale skeins from New Leaf Yarns. 70% alpaca. Lovely and soft and they feel as if they wouldn’t droop. Now I must cast about for a hat pattern, among the hundreds of good ones.

I’ve also started thinking about the Soutache. I often lull myself to sleep by watching one of my many Craftsy classes, with the iPad propped on my knees. Last night I let Nancy Marchant show me how to cast on for two-colour brioche, and found it rather alarming. But this morning I read Carol Sunday’s instructions, which are completely different, and feel much calmer.

My sister is getting tired of being bossed around in Iceland, but continues to find it interesting. This is a picture of some knitting available in the shark museum. Alas, we have to take her word for the sharks.


  1. Anonymous11:59 AM

    You are right Jean. Pretty much your hand on the buzzer within the first few Minutes after registration opens. Registering for anything these days is kind of like a contest in and of itself. But worth it. Chloe

  2. Maybe if I book a class it will commit me to another visit. Hmmm. There is a lovely Plotulopi sweater in the newest Knitty, maybe you can place a yarn order before your sister leaves Iceland.

    1. All the sweaters in the latest knitty are calling to me. Too bad I have yarn for 2 sweaters I haven't knit yet.

  3. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I do regret there is not a shark lopi on display at the shark museum.