Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Carol, yes – Dishoom! We had chosen a Monday on purpose, and went early. One isn’t allowed to book, however, for a party of fewer than six. There was a pleasant young woman outside the door who said that we would have to wait for a half to three-quarters of an hour.

We went next door to Wagamama instead, no real hardship except that the ambient music made conversation difficult. We are all three (Archie, me, dear friend G) determined to make another assault on Dishoom soon.

Knitting progresses well. I’ll aim for a picture tomorrow. I’ve started the first of Miss Rachel’s sleeves, and have knit three six-row patterned stripes just above the wrist ribbing, in lieu of a gauntlet. The effect is rather good.

I found the simple two-colour patterns enormously difficult. Because the stitches were divided among three needles? I remain confident that the yoke – same patterns, on one huge needle  – will be much easier. Let’s hope so.

On the other hand, this was my first experience of coloured Buachaille, and it’s wonderful. The palate is not extensive – by which I mean, there aren’t all that many colours in the range. But the ones there are, are beautiful, soft and gentle and glowing. It will be very interesting to see the new yarn which KD is at this very moment cooking up for us in Ireland.


I have engaged an Italian tutor (this is ridiculous) and we will have our first lesson on Saturday. She is a Roman, here in Edinburgh to embark upon a PhD. So she must have had, and surmounted, my problem in reverse – to get her knowledge of English from her head and out through her mouth. I’ve seen a video of her, in my Googles for Italian tutors. She speaks English very well.

I have prepared a few introductory sentences: “This is my cat. Her name is Perdita. Do you like cats? Some people can’t stand them.” [I haven’t worked out that last bit yet.] [Perdita almost always runs to answer the front door; she misses the coming and going there was, of nurses and carers, when my husband was alive.] “I hope we can use the intimate second person.” “What is the subject of your PhD thesis?”

After that it will be up to Federica. 


  1. Anonymous3:44 AM

    The Italian tutor sounds like a lot of fun!
    it's always good to have more Italian in Italy.
    My Italian is usually limited to menu-reading ...

  2. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Bad luck this time! Dishoom in London is hard to get into, and it must be catching on in Edinburgh. Do keep trying. If you can face Indian food at breakfast it is quite special. Wagamama is always a good and dependable alternative. I always know there will be something I feel like eating. They are good with children too when your great-granddaughters are a bit earlier. Carol G

  3. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Earlier=bigger, of course! Carol G

  4. =Tamar6:03 PM

    Don't forget the important ones: "Where's the ladies' room?" and (for taxis) "Please take me to [address]."
    Better luck next time with Dishoom, as it sounds like a good place with a low noise level.