Thursday, September 07, 2017

An inch or so to go, on the body of Miss Rachel. I can’t find my favourite needle gauge, nor my pack of KnitPro dp’s. What’s the matter with me? But I’ve got enough to be going on with, and the sleeves won’t be on dp’s for long, I hope.

Shandy, do you mean Lucy Hague’s “Kells” pattern? [comment, two days ago] It’s lovely, but I don’t like that 0 or perhaps even negative ease. How would it look two or three sizes up? I’m pretty sure the yarn is beautiful. I would be interested to hear how you get on, temptation-wise.

Speaking of which, the new VK (known as Designer Knitting here, for reasons I’ve forgotten) turned up today. It’s a good deal better than I had expected from preview sightings. I like Kaffe’s ruana although I would never knit such a thing. The one I’d go for, if required at gunpoint to cast on something tonight, would be Laura Bryant’s vest. Reading the pattern, I don’t see how Fibonacci comes into it, but never mind. The stripes are good, and the yarn sounds thoroughly delicious.

There are other nice things, too, in the earlier, monochrome pages. And I have pre-ordered (because not published here until next month) “Dimensional Tuck Knitting”. It’s a technique book, so that’s all right. You can remind me, if need be, when I’m taken by surprise by its arrival.

Melfina: mosaic lace book? Tell me more.

Daisy sent me this notice the other day, about a cruise with Franklin. I’m afraid I can’t go – I am deeply opposed to the huge cruise ships which are ruining the world. I hope Venice succeeds in keeping them out. But, oh! the thought of it! If any of you do go, please tell me about it. I will abandon all my principles and revel in your account.


Thank you for your comments and links about “often” and “offen”. I had never even thought of similar words like “soften” and “hasten” and “chasten” and “christen”. I polled our children once and I think they broke 3-1 in favour of “often”.

Mary Lou, I was glad to be reminded of that “l” in “almond”. I knew I was nearly home (to NJ), on those dreary overnight train journeys from college in Ohio, when the man came through the train offering Hershey A’mond Bars.


  1. Hi Jean, Lucy says in the Rav description for Kells that you can choose a size or two larger if you want more ease, and knit straight down instead of incorporating bust & waist shaping if you want a looser garment. Not to add to temptation . . . well, maybe just a trifle. It sure would be an accomplishment!

    Can't wait for a view of Miss Rachel!

  2. skeindalous10:16 AM

    Love the discussion of the sounded or silent 't' in often. I am firmly on the side of silent 't' in this case.
    Makes me think of the word 'clothes' as pronounced on some of the BBC films I get on DVD. Very definitely, the 'th' is sounded. Here in New England, we far more OFTEN hear 'close' as the name of the items with which one covers one's body.

    1. =Tamar6:09 PM

      I grew up in central NH but I admit my mother was careful about our pronunciation. We pronounce the 'th' in clothes, but not the 't' in often. The silent 't' has been traced to the 16th century according to the OED, and the argument has continued ever since.

  3. Coming late to the table on the "Often" issue. My husband - London-born and public school educated - and I - Cumbrian, grammar school and Oxford - both pronounce the "t". He observed that Advanced RP would pronounce it "Awften". "Offen" would sound odd to both of us. Perhaps it's an Americanism?

  4. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Have been sitting on my hands to avoid commenting too offen but I'm a word person and can no longer resist. I say offen but for some perverse reason have always liked the sound of oft-en (which is why I have a dog in this fight). Luckily it's not a matter of faith or morals so it's okay either way. Chloe

  5. Oh I'm with you on the immense cruise ships (although if I had a chance at a trans-Atlantic crossing, NY to Southampton, I would take it). I think of Venice too. If you've been to Venice and seen one of those juggernauts approach, like some sort of hostile alien - well, it's put me off for life.