Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A brief, formal appearance tonight. It’s been a pleasant but strenuous day.

Helen and I were offered a free breakfast at Dishoom this morning, which we happily accepted. A bit tough, setting forward before it was fully light, but worth the effort. And the breakfast was, indeed, utterly free, as well as delicious.

Two different people came to look at the kitchen and estimate what it will cost to do it up.

And I knit another four (I think) scallops on the third side of the shawl edging. One more scallop and I’ll be round the final corner. Things went less smoothly than yesterday, but just manage to pass the galloping horse test.

Now I must go to bed.


  1. I just went and looked at the menu. Wish I could breakfast there, myself!

  2. A bit late but I must just mention the thing that has been nagging at the corner of my mind - Aga toast. Have you ever made it? On the hot plate in a hinged holder and with the lid down. Many people say that no finer comfort food exists.