Wednesday, November 08, 2017

I set off for the surgery this morning, for my flu injection, but the car wouldn’t start. I wasn’t entirely surprised. It had hesitated in a rather alarming way over the last couple of starts, and this morning we had our first serious frost – ice on the windscreen. My nice garage came and brought me a new battery, but it was too late for the flu clinic. Next Wednesday.

I finished the knitting of Miss Rachel’s Yoke, and have dealt with a good many of the loose ends. I am an incorrigible tie-er of knots. A few ends remain, and the Kitchener’ing of the underarm stitches. Surely tomorrow will see it done. I love Kitchener’ing.

And a picture of it next to the blissfully comfortable Madtosh half-brioche is a very good idea, Mary Lou.

Then I will return to the brioche scarf, and probably go ahead and order the yarn for the new great-grand-child’s shawl.

The new Fruity Knitting is good, as always. There’s a bit more Shetland. The interview-ee is Caitlin Hunter, previously unknown to me. I’m not terribly keen on her designs, but she’s young and obviously worth keeping an eye on. There was one very attractive yoke sweater with a floral pattern in Brooklyn Tweed’s Loft.


Paradox has taken over from Perdita the job of being the cat who is always with me, and I worry quite a bit about Perdita’s feelings. Until last Saturday, I shut Paradox in here every evening after we had finished writing the blog together.  Perdita and I would then sit watching television like an old married couple, and go to bed together.

But last Sunday a) I heard Paradox crying at 6 a.m. and b) it was Guy Fawkes Day, and she was worried by the noise in the evening. So I let her stay up. And have done so since. But that means she is taking over from Perdita the role of bed-cat and I am even more worried about Perdita’s feelings. Perhaps I will shut Paradox in here again tonight, and see whether Perdita comes back to me. 

Non-knit, non-cat

Today has been a dramatic one in British politics. I don't know the outcome yet. But it is all rather Jane Austen, with Priti Patel as Mary Crawford in Mansfield Park. I haven't decided what role to assign to poor Mrs May.


  1. Coincidentally, Priti Patel is our local MP. What aspect of Mary Crawford do you have in mind, I wonder? Perhaps Mrs May is Lady Bertram, assiduously making fringe while everything falls apart around her?

  2. Pretty (accidental pun), lively, ambitious, and not to be trusted, even by a female friend to whom loyalty was owed. No, I think we need someone more energetic than Lady Bertram, for Mrs May.

  3. I kind of doubt that Perdita cares about being usurped, since she has always been a rather independent cat. It's nice that you do have a more friendly, purring type of cat also though, it should take the pressure off of Perdita to perform. :)

  4. Replies
    1. No -- May isn't that bad. But perhaps Mrs Grant, pleasant enough and competent enough, but not firm enough to take charge.

    2. Anonymous3:03 PM

      I was just going to suggest Mrs. Norris. I do hope that you're right and that she's only Mrs. Grant.
      -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

  5. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Dead batteries...Perdita...Mrs. May....will your tied knots come untied as per current thinking? Jean, you have me on the edge of my seat. Day-to-day life, apparently, can not escape peril and suspense. (Also, apparently, time to brush up on my Jane Austen.) Chloe

  6. Oh dear, poor Mrs May. I'd even forgotten that there was a character called Mrs Grant. Is this to be her fate: worthy but forgettable?

  7. Jean, I hate the idea of shutting a cat away unless it’s really necessary. Paradox seems to be very much a people cat and will suffer more with the separation, especially now after having had the opportunity to sleep with you. The two of them will sort out who sleeps where on their own. Only one of our two always sleeps with us (the Siamese who is much more of a people cat than the other), the other one sometimes joins us later in the night when the house has cooled down and she's chilled from her mousing activities in the basement. Which, by the way, were successful the other night....there was a dead mouse on the floor on my husband’s side of the bed yesterday morning! He’s her person....better him than me!!

  8. Carol M8:19 PM

    Paradox is still a kitten. I don't like to hear of her locked away. I'm certain that she and Perdita will eventually get along just fine. I introduced a 4 year male to my current elderly male and even older female. All indoor cats. It's taken a good 3 to 4 months but they are all getting along and each getting lots of attention. Thankfully, unlike Maureen, no mice!