Saturday, November 04, 2017

There’s a wonderful new post from Kate Davies, with wonderful photographs – we’re getting closer to her new yarn and new club. I am not greatly enamoured of tweed yarns, but I’m more than willing to be persuaded, and am trusting the club to brighten these short, dark days.

Thank you again for all your comments. Iron deficiency is an interesting idea. I went to see the dr not all that long ago. He took “bloods” and prescribed vitamin D and said to come back in six weeks. They must have more or less elapsed by now. I’ll certainly mention iron when I get there again.

I’ve finished the eighth – the penultimate – ribbon in Miss Rachel’s Yoke, and indeed have started the ninth. I think we will all agree that when we are worried about whether or not there is enough yarn, we need to knit fast in order to get to the end of whatever-it-is before the yarn gives out. Well, it worked. I won’t attempt to use the fragment remaining for the neck ribbing.

So I should be able to polish off this project altogether within a very few days.

And I think I may have decided what to knit for the next great-grandchild. Instead of repeating Mrs Hunter’s shawl (see Wednesday), I could repeat the one I knit for Archie, 21 years ago. It’s an Amedro design, originally called the “My Weekly Baby Knits Shawl” and now sold as a kit by Jamieson and Smith under the name “Sletts Shawl”. It is hard to decide which is the less appetising title.

Helen and David’s eldest son died at 6 ½ weeks. When the pregnancy began which was to produce Archie, I had never knit anything finer than jumper-weight. That first effort (lace-weight) was a success. It would be nice to use Shetland Supreme Lace-Weight, perhaps in fawn. Would that be too gloomy?

Helen is safely back from Kirkmichael. She brought me an apple from our unproductive tree, and the news that our neighbours in the Big House will be leaving next summer, hoping to sell on to another branch of the family. That's what passes for exciting news, in a village. She says there were lots of deer about.


  1. I thought it was only my Mum and me who knit faster to get to the end before the yarn gave out. There is some logic to it - faster, tighter, less yarn per stitch as the tension goes west.

  2. Anonymous10:51 PM

    That is a truly beautiful shawl and so special in your family history. Good choice. And no, fawn is not too gloomy. I believe it is one of the soft shades that Elizabeth Zimmerman favours for baby things—it would be mentioned somewhere in Knitter's Almanac. CarolG

  3. Carol M10:52 PM

    I believe the shawl pattern is also on Ravelry under the name Christening Shawl L252 by G Amendro. It is absolutely gorgeous.
    I, too, knit faster if I think I'm running low on yarn - I seem to always succeed; jeanfromcornwall provides a suitable reason.

  4. =Tamar12:13 AM

    If they say you are "normal" for iron levels, perhaps you might consider taking some anyway and see whether it helps. "Normal" for one person is not necessarily right for the next.

    "Amedro Christening Shawl" sounds like a winner.

  5. Perhaps ask your doctor to consider checking blood levels of potassium and B12. Suggested because of my own experience.
    Love your blog.

  6. I gather that excess iron is more likely to be the problem in women over a certain age - which you and I are. B12 is another matter - I hope your doctor has the nous to look at all likely culprits.

  7. I personally don't like fawn for baby shawls. I like the soft natural white shades, but not bright white. That's just my opinion though!
    Re the iron, I know you're a good and adventurous cook for guests but I wonder how much you're bothering cooking "proper" meals on a day to basis now it's just for one? It's something many single folk don't do, of whatever age. You don't have to make three course dinners every night of course but do have a think about what you do eat and whether it covers all the nutritional bases. A good standard multivitamin + multi mineral tablet daily is worth considering (if your doctor doesn't think specific supplements are necessary) at any age, to fill in any minor deficits on a day to day basis.

  8. Ellis Lynn1:29 PM

    May I add my vote in support of checking B12 levels. I, like Gene, speak from personal experience.

    Thank you for a wonderful blog.

  9. In the height of summer this year I was found to be Vit D deficient. I think the supplements are helping, along with the Light Therapy lamp. Those photos on KD’s blog are so beautiful. I ended up buying the Happit E-book.