Monday, November 06, 2017

All well here.

I’ve done all but the final round of the neck ribbing for Miss Rachel’s Yoke. Bind off with your favourite stretchy bind-off, it says: a bit of a cop-out, for a pattern that has used up so much printer paper. I turned to Mary-Lou-and-friends’ “Drop Dead Easy Knits” but the instructions there are for k1, p1 rib and I’m knitting 2 and purling 2.

I’ll find it. I’ve got nothing here if not books, and there’s still the internet. Tomorrow should see me pretty well finished, if not entirely.

I found the My Weekly Baby Shawl pattern without difficulty, once I had figured out how to subtract 21 from 2017. Archie had a big birthday last weekend. In the old days, I used to attach photographs to the patterns in my archives. Here, for maximum embarrassment, is Archie in the shawl:

I don’t know what the yarn was. Probably J&S. And, alas, Mary Lou, there are no notes on the pattern.

Once, long ago, Helen (not yet Greek) asked me: “What’s that going to be – if you finish it?”

I don’t remember what the project in question was. But not long afterwards, I labelled a manila file “Knitting Actually Done” and started stowing in it the patterns for FO’s, with photographs. When the file threatened to burst at the seams, I transferred the contents to a box file (labelled with dates) and started again. I’ve done that several times, by now. It’s rather a pity that digital photography has replaced real-life photographs.

Here it is, beginning to bulge again – and the many pages of Miss Rachel’s Yoke will swell the load. This may be the end-of-year for a new box file.

It has often proved very useful (as now) to be able to go back and find old patterns. It is truly horrifying to see how awful – by my present standards – were some of the things I actually knit.


  1. Google Jenny's surprisingly stretchy bind off. It's really good for k1 P1 neckbands.

    1. Works for K2 P2 as well I seem to remember.

    2. To use the surprisingly stretchy bind off for 2x2 rib, I do the extra step with the yo only on the first of the pair of stitches, and bind the second one off the "normal" way.

    3. Anonymous5:23 PM

      I learned it from Cat Bordhi's youtube video of the process.
      -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

  2. I find it hard to balance the stretchy and the floppy on ribbed neckline bind-offs. I use the knit 2 tog. through the back loops most of the time. There is a stretchier version, but I have to do it on a smaller needle to avoid floppiness. Your knitting archives are so much better organized than mine!

  3. carol m10:17 PM

    I find Jenny's bind off a little too stretchy. For K2,P2 rib I usually bind off in pattern ensuring the stitch is loose before I knit or purl the next stitch. Hope this makes sense.
    Others swear by the tubular bind off, but admit I'm too lazy for it!
    P.S. Archie was cute baby

  4. Ah, the old days when one had an actual printed pattern leaflet! Now, of course, you could look back on your blog for pics of FOs. I enjoy being able to look up Ravelry project pages - my own as well as other peoples. Some people, not me, keep very detailed notes of modifications on there too.

  5. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I just have to say I’m in awe of hard evidence of nearly 40 years of knitting organization (pre-Ravelry makes it even more impressive)! I kowtow to your leadership!!

    Elizabeth in Oregon

  6. What fun to see a photo of sweet infant Archie! He has the same face now, as a handsome young man. What a treasure you have in your family, Jean.

  7. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I learn so much here. Although I have a whole book of bind offs on my shelf, it is more motivating to hear personal experiences. Chloe

  8. For a nice stretchy neckline, I usually do a double length rib and then catch the live stitches down on the inside (basically grafting back to the first row of the ribbing. I prefer not having a cast-off edge that might rub, and I find the "surprisingly stretchy" cast offs ruffle unflatteringly with my tension.