Friday, November 10, 2017

All well. I’ve finished Miss Rachel’s Yoke. I think a passage with the steam iron will suffice, rather than total blocking. And tomorrow I must photograph it side-by-side with the blissful madtosh DK half-brioche. The shape and size look very good. Comfort remains to be established.

Then I picked up the Soutache, at first with utter despair. I’ve located all the pages of the pattern from the places to which the cats had dispersed them -- a good first step. And I have re-read them thoroughly. I had stopped with a wrong-side row facing. All such rows are plain-vanilla brioche. I’ve done that, and thus have restored a bit of confidence. I think I’ve figured out where I am. I will have to be very careful where and when I put it down again, and I think a substantial message to myself would be a good idea.

A message from Carol Sunday arrived today, about some new scarf designs, including a new super-dooper brioche one which doesn’t show up in the previous link. Also Craftsy seems to have a new, non-Marchant, brioche class.

Probably even more exciting, Kate Davies has published another teaser about her forthcoming new yarn and book club. We have only to wait until next Friday!


I think you’re right, Shandy, that I’m pressing Jane Austen too hard for political parallels. It was just that the situation on whatever-day-it-was, when Ms Patel was summoned back from an official visit to Africa, seemed suddenly very female and Austen-like. And Ms Patel seemed very Mary-Crawford-like. Best to leave it there.

When they invite me onto “Desert Island Discs” I will be torn between Mansfield Park and Il Gattopardo for my book (and sorry to have to leave Brideshead behind). I think I’ll go for Il Gattopardo, but I’m not sorry to have been brought back to Mansfield Park by these recent reflections. It is interesting, and rather curious, to love the book so much without having much affection for any of the characters.


I left Paradox free last night, and so had her in bed with me. I don’t know where Perdita was – somewhere near, perhaps under the bed, as she appeared as soon as I got up. Paradox is a bit of a trial in bed, much purring and I-want-to-come-under-the-duvet followed shortly by no-perhaps-I-don’t.


  1. I ordered the new brioche scarf kit from Carol Sunday. I will be very happy when it comes it looks like a fun project. We have a I want under the covers - no I don't cat. I bought a piece of polar fleece for the foot of the bed. Sometimes she will sleep there.

    1. We have a folded blanket at the foot of the bed -- cats like sleeping on wool. Both cats (separately) will often use it, but Paradox remains more restless.

  2. Anonymous12:51 AM

    We had a greyhound/pit bull mix who enjoyed the should I or shouldn't I game. Start out under the covers - too hot, pant with tongue out, drooling on husband's leg. Stand up, get out from under the covers, shake, flapping ears to maximum volume, plop down with a giant sigh, stretch out her long, long legs, & take up entire middle of bed. Rinse, repeat.

    Looking at Carol Sunday's site, I am suddenly smitten with Soutache. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.

    Beverly in NJ

  3. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Our cat never disturbed my knitting. Purred but not too much. Very accommodating that way. On the other hand, was not affectionate, did not like being held, and definitely went her own way. Can't have everything in a cat. (We loved her anyway.)

  4. Anonymous1:12 PM

    The new Carol Sunday brioche pattern seems to be discounted 50% at present.
    Hmm maybe I should now learn how to do brioche in one colour? Thanks for the tip!

  5. I just bought the Brioche Scarf pattern. I have only done simple brioche, maybe this is a good item to push me forward.

  6. cats are entertaining if solely for their personalities... mine vary on sleeping with me depending on the temperature... summer if the ac is on then perhaps but typically only during the winter season... i have heavy wool blanket on my bed (its a loft bed reached by a ladder) and they do enjoy sleeping there during the day when i am at work. if i am home and watching tv or on the sofa with my laptop, then the scramble is to see who gets the bed on one side of the sofa and who sits on the sofa next to me on the other end...

  7. My Mansfield Park is Emma. I don't really like the characters but I do love the book.