Monday, November 13, 2017

Oh, Carol, yes! “Cooking with the Duchess” in Palermo must be “my” duchess – but, alas! the link didn’t come through with your comment today. Please re-send. Rick Stein had a Weekend in Palermo program on television here recently, including the duchess. The food in Palermo looks pretty inviting. Street food tours are available, and Archie is interested. What a relief, not to be committed to art museums. I can always go back and visit them next time.

 But it sounds as if your reference is to a newspaper article.

I have progressed with the Soutache. Things are calming down – the stitch count even comes out right, these days. I have hit the centre section where 12 rows are repeated over and over for a long time.

AND I have ordered yarn from Jamieson and Smith for that Amedro shawl, for next year’s great-grand-baby. I gave up and wrote to them and they wrote back promptly to say that I could order the shawl kit as per the website – I won’t be sorry to have the pattern again, with the charting done for me – and just announce in the comment box that I want “fawn” instead of “white”.

So I did that, also ordering the new book about J&S themselves (+ some patterns). I will certainly let you know what happens.


I watched the ceremony at the Cenotaph on Sunday morning. It was very moving. What a security nightmare that must have been!

Michael Foot, a former lefty Labour party leader, turned up one year in inappropriately informal dress. I was glad to see that Jeremy Corbyn, the present Labour leader, alarmingly left-wing, was nevertheless properly turned out.

I have been watching “The Crown” on Netflix, I am ashamed to admit. I doubt if what really happened was much like that, but it has a hypnotic fascination.

Here is today's cat picture (Paradox) – not dead;  totally in charge. 


  1. Hi Jean:

    Try for Cooking with the Duchess. I accessed it from San Francisco. The site is in English.

  2. Make that

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  4. Jean, I binged a search and came up with this

    if you type it in, you need to enter the complete address beginning with the https://

    good luck

  5. I watched The Crown, and it was such a lavish production with fabulous costumes I don't think you need to be embarrassed one bit. I visited the Cenotaph in London, and it was on such a modest scale compared to the giant monuments in DC that I stopped a soldier to make sure that it was the right spot. Here, recently, it seems that Nov. 11 has moved to celebrating Veterans instead of honoring the war dead and hoping for peace.

    1. Anonymous3:56 PM

      Mary Lou, not recently - Nov 11 has always been Veterans' Day in my baby boomer lifetime. Memorial Day is the day for honoring the war dead and hoping for peace; sadly, since it became a Monday holiday people seem to think of it only as the opening to summer (and the occasion to advertise sales).
      -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

  6. Syd T2:57 PM

    I am smitten by Paradox!