Friday, November 17, 2017

A distinctly better day.

The package came from Jamieson & Smith. The yarn for the shawl is fawn, as requested, and is more beautiful than I had expected. I also ordered their new book: “Jamison & Smith, a Shetland Story” which I have been reading with great interest. Oliver Henry wrote it. Some attractive “Fair Isle” patterns are included, but the story is the thing.

And I got my hoped-for place in Kate Davies’ “West Highland Way” club. Greek Helen is determined that I should have a proper kitchen, at last, here at the end of life, and she had made an appt for us to go up to John Lewis and talk about getting one fitted, for 10:30 this morning.

KD’s club went live at 10.

So there I was poised, fingers on keyboard, Helen here waiting to drive me up the hill. All went well until the actual moment when I clicked on PayPal – and then I lost the connection. I think the trouble was that Paradox, who had been trying to help, had put me into Flight Mode. Whatever – it took me a while to re-establish the connection, and then I couldn’t persuade the website to listen to me and it was time to go. So I went. I didn’t need the yarn anyway. I could join the club without it.

But when I got back, and went back to the website, I found that my order was still in my basket. I happily paid, and all is well.

Last night I reached a milestone with the Soutache: it was time to wind and join in the fourth gradient colour, and that has been done.  The fifth colour is the one which will form the mid-way point of the scarf.

But for today’s knitting, I cast on the newly-arrived yarn and started the edging. I have had a terrible time. Like Miss Rachel’s Yoke, it’s too easy. The first time, I found that I was confused as to which end of the row I should be knitting from. (That is, had I left out a plain-vanilla even-numbered row?) The second time, I was interrupted at a vital point and found myself unsure whether I was nearly finished with the first repeat, or just starting on the second. The third time, everything was going swimmingly, I thought – but what I expected to be the final row, was two stitches short.

At the moment, starting yet again, I am half way through the first repeat and unaware of any error.

Here is another cat picture, Perdita this time:


  1. The best cat picture yet. Love it!

    And -- no details about your new kitchen? Have any decisions been made?

    1. Some general decisions -- a man is coming on Monday to measure up (it's an oddly-shaped room) and make plans based on the general decisions. I'll keep you posted.

  2. The WHW Club looks very interesting; I was tempted but I looked at my queue and resisted. I often wish I could relax as well as a cat.
    Is Paradox going to be bigger than Perdita when she gets her growth or is she just fluffier?

    1. Just fluffier, I think -- but watch this space

  3. Will you need to incorporate a plate rack in your new kitchen for Perdita to sleep on?

  4. Good question. I'm fond of my plate rack -- but in the new dispensation I am to have a dishwashing machine so perhaps it will be swept away.

  5. Anonymous9:32 PM

    On your plate rack, are the slots open underneath, so the wet plates can drain back into the sink? If so - genius!

    Beverly in NJ.

  6. skeindalous10:04 PM

    Have we heard you say that you use a tablet? Perhaps a program like KnitCompanion would help you keep track of the live row. they sync to Ravelrey, so whatever you have on Rav you can use in KC.

  7. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Brave Perdita. Considering cats and water, she's not worried she might plop into the sink? Smart Helen. You may enjoy your modern kitchen longer than you think. We are certainly counting on it:-) And you might get a New plate rack. Always useful. Chloe

  8. I hope Perdita is dry by now!