Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I didn’t feel very bright this morning. However I think I’m somewhat better now, after a whole day without an antibiotic pill, and..

A dear friend came to see me and I asked her about fermenting vegetables, a subject I have been rather interested in lately since you tipped me off about gut health. The friend is uninstructed, but she said that her sister, not far away, makes kimchi all the time. If I’m up to it, we’ll go see the sister soon, no farther than Duddingston.

And that same friend then went to Sainsburys and got me some more British asparagus – I rather over-steamed what I had yesterday – and Jersey Royals. So I’m all set for this evening, and Mindful Chef will have to wait.

Nor has it been an uninteresting day on the knitting front. The new Fruity Knitting is up, and is a humdinger. (I suspect I say that every second Tuesday.) Today the big interview is with Emma Boyles of The Little Grey Sheep. It is interesting on the score of sheep-breeding, and wool-spinning, and wool-dyeing, and depends, as always, on Andrea’s well-researched questions.  I rushed off, as soon as the podcast was over, to the Little Grey Sheep website --  but they’re away at a continental yarn festival.

But that’s not all. “Fair Isle Designs from Shetland Knitters” arrived from Lerwick, and it’s enchanting. That wonderful bonnet on the cover is done by knitting one way and then cutting the yarn, and knitting that way again. Not my favourite technique, but it could be endured for something so small.

One of the very best things about an excellent book is the little biographical snippets about the designers: “Linda has been knitting Frilly Pixies – [that’s the bonnet]  -- from memory for many years. She often gets asked for the pattern, so finally she managed to write down a couple of versions…”

Hazel Tindall contributes a very interesting yoke sweater. She says: “I wouldn’t dream of consciously looking at a landscape or a photo to find colours to put together. When I am asked to write something about inspiration, I make it up after the piece has been knitted.”

I must remember that when I finish the Calcutta Cup vest. The colour scheme is based on Hopper’s picture of a gas station, and seems very successful. I took a very interesting class with Hazel at EYF ’17, and I remember saying to Greek Helen afterwards – a detail I would otherwise have forgotten – “Hazel Tindall knew who I was”. Perhaps I’ll send her pics when I finish – first knit your vest, Jean.


  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Asparagus and Jersey Royals - delicious. I wonder what you choose for the accompanying protein? Delicious on their own but good protein intake is so important to prevent loss of muscle and lack of energy. My college daughter recently found out she had been short and is much invigorated now she checks she is getting her daily needs.

  2. Protein, yes, please don’t forget. I can only dream of my new potatoes and asparagus. We haven’t been able to even plant the potatoes yet this year. Sigh. I do love Hazel Tindall’s reply. And not at all surprised she knows you.

  3. Yes, love the Hazel Tindall quotation! Thank you.

  4. Poached eggs? They would go very nicely with both the asparagus and the potatoes, so perhaps that is what you are already eating.

  5. =Tamar3:17 PM

    I have long admired Hazel Tindall, and the quotation only adds to that.
    That said, I noticed some time ago that some of the tartans that were popular in the early 19th century are in colors that exactly match the colors of the highlands in hunting season, and thus quality as camouflage.

    Please do consider the protein content of your meals. The old "grain plus legume" combination is supposed to be as good as meat, for those of a vegetarian bent.

  6. Anonymous7:03 PM

    I hope spring flowers and getting out for walks in the warmer temperatures will help with your recovery.
    I had to have a long course of antibiotics in Autumn 2017 and it took perhaps a month after completion to feel closer to 100%.
    Enjoy the knitting projects! They seem very good.