Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I feel a bit better this evening – the new antibiotic, kicking in after all? Or the sheer exhilaration of having the house to myself, all tradesmen gone?

The kitchen painters finished today, and it’s looking very well. What remains, a vital step, is the replacing of shelves. Most missed is the shelf above the Aga on which are ranged the six or seven pans I use most often, each in its particular place. I think that is supposed to happen later this week.

Again, I have done nothing. I dozed in my chair all  morning.

Yesterday, during that long wait to see a dr, I got back to work on Archie’s sock. I have nearly reached the heel the second time. (That’s not the heel of the second sock, you will remember – I decided that the first sock was too small, and I have started again.)

As I doze in my chair, I tell myself of the next few steps. Maybe tomorrow I will execute at least some of them.

Beverly, yes, my sister brought me seven skeins of MadTosh DK in a discontinued colourway called Penny Loafer. It’s as good in real life as on a computer screen.  So what I need to do is:
a)  Wind a skein
b)   Print the pattern – Gudrun Johnston’s “Kirigami”. I’ve bought it; that’s a start.
c)   Discover, from the pattern, the recommended needle size and examine my needle stash. I’ve got a lot of needles – but do I have quite the right one for the job, comfort-wise and knitting-bliss-wise?

And the Calcutta Cup vest needs to be re-cast-on. For that I must:
a)     Decide what gauge of needle I am going to use for the corrugated ribbing and, again, examine the needle stash. The body is knit at 4mm (which seems rather large – but it’s too late to worry about that). How far down am I going to go? Last time it was only down to 3.75 and I think it might be a good idea to go a bit further.
b)    Decide how many stitches I want for the ribbing. Last time I went down 5% and, again, I think it might be a good idea to go a bit further.


          Here is a picture of Hellie and Matt’s daughter Orla. They were married in Argyll, some may remember. The church has recently appeared on television in “Ordeal by Innocence” – octagonal, white.


  1. You, the kitchen, your great-grandchildren - all getting better day by day. Life is good!

  2. Anonymous1:05 AM

    So glad you're feeling better. And I must say, you have the most beautiful grandchildren! -DawnC

  3. Anonymous1:46 AM

    What a great photo of Orla!
    We can really use that in Southern Ontario. We just had a hideous ice/snow storm over the weekend. No idea how long it will take to melt.
    I am amazed at how fast the kitchen work was done - that's really good news.
    Rest up! Your readers hope you feel better soonest.

  4. I'm so glad you are feeling better.

  5. Anonymous7:02 AM

    I'm very glad you're pleased with the yarn. It looks like a great match to your pattern.

    Hope the meds continue to assist in your recovery.

    Beverly in NJ

  6. Wonderful news on all fronts. And what beautiful little girls your great-granddaughters are! My 28 yr old granddaughter keeps postponing marriage/children and I keep hoping to hold a great-gr someday. Keep getting well!

  7. Orla is growing so fast. What a lovely photo.
    Have you considered you are depressed along with your chest infection? You’ve had a lot of changes in your life over the last year. Be kind to yourself.

  8. What a wet, serious expression. Yay for no more tradesmen. IHOP’s you have someone to reserve for you. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

  9. =Tamar2:34 PM

    Good news all around! It should be even better once the paint dries fully and everything is back where it belongs.
    Babies in big hats - it doesn't get much better!