Monday, April 30, 2018

This is going to be mostly about the microbiome again. Perhaps I feel slightly better; perhaps not.

The main components of my kimchi-making kit arrived today: the fermentation jars, and the Korean chilli powder. Presumably the one that wasn’t delivered on Saturday was, therefore, the daikon. Tomorrow I hope to go to Waitrose and stock up with the other stuff – Chinese cabbage and spring onions and a few carrots, lots of garlic, some ginger. Fish sauce and disposable gloves.

James and Cathy will be here Friday evening for the Big Bank Holiday Get-Together in anticipation of Rachel’s 60th birthday. My kimchi won't be ready that soon, but I gather it’s all right – indeed encouraged --to interrupt fermentation for a taste, so I can at least submit my efforts to their expert palates.

Thanks for the comment, Peggy. Now that I have precipitated myself down this path, I’ll press on.

A dear friend brought me some kefir from Sainsbury’s, a fraction the cost of my goat’s milk stuff. It tastes good, but perhaps not quite as good. I’ll look in Waitrose tomorrow.


I’ve embarked on corrugated rib. That’s progress.

You’ll remember that Gudrun, for the Kirigami, uses a cast on which alternates 2 long-tails with 2 Crossed Germans. So when, for that sweater, I decided to knit a couple of rows back-and-forth before joining, I had to start with p2 to fit in with her plan (since the cast-on ended with 2 crossed Germans). The result has been a very neat start.

This time, however, I didn’t mean to do any back-and-forth, and compounded the mistake by starting with k2. To what extent, if at all, neatness is affected, I can’t say. I joined the ends after the first long row – I think, successfully, although the one time I did commit the fatal twist, I didn’t discover it for a while.


  1. Always double and triple check for twist before starting the 2nd row after joining. Twist can get added back in during that first row even if you had it untwisted to start, and you can still remove it before you start the 2nd row by untwisting.

  2. I buy the kefgir from Sainburys or Waitrose and put it on my porridge instead of milk-about half the small bottle. I keep trying to buy a kit from Lakeland but they seem to be sold out. I also bought some very expensive probiotics that were kept in the fridge and took them for three months after my last double dose of antibiotics.

  3. I like corrugated rib. I am going to make corrugated rib cuffs on my Stephen West Penguono. It's so weird - I don't think I could make it any weirder. I showed it to my mom and she said, "People will think you went to Peru." Hmmmm.
    I am going to be 60 in September. I'm trying to decide how I want to celebrate.
    I hope you have lots of fun.
    I once had a sweet Korean babysitter when our son was young. She explained how to make kimchee so well. I don't like it, but our sons do. Warning: it does make the refrigerator smell like garbage. Yikes.
    Be well.

  4. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Pom Pom - go to Peru!

    I, like many others,am pleased you are feeling better, Jean, and doing the research about these (at the moment) exotic foods. How wonderful to be able to experiment with foods from all over the world - and even make them at home.

    Go well in health.