Sunday, April 22, 2018

I think I must be getting better – if only because I got some knitting done. There were days and days in there when I did none, but today, as hoped, I finished the cast-on and started the ribbing of the Kirigami sweater.

I always prefer, with circular knitting, to do a couple of rows back and forth first, to make it easier to join up without the fatal twist. This time, it occurred to me that that wouldn’t quite do – Gudrun must intend the knits to go into the stitches cast-on by the long-tail method, and the purls into the Crossed Germans. And the cast-on ended with two Crossed Germans.

I considered joining the circle straight away, but was uneasy. So I knit back and forth as usual, starting with two purls. But was that right? I have essentially turned the work inside out, from Gudrun’s point of view. It has now been joined up, and looks neat, at any rate.

Ella Gordon has a new podcast. She is enchanting, but her breathless, amateur approach makes one appreciate the hard work Andrew and Andrea put in.

I learned from Ella that the Shetland Guild of Spinners, Knitters, Weavers and Dyers (whose lace book I have) have published a book of Fair Isle designs. With a bonnet on the cover which might be just the thing for a great-granddaughter. I ordered it at once. I am tempted, too, by Chihiro Sato’s “Enjoy Fair Isle Knitting”, if only because she is Japanese. It was published last year but came in under my radar.


  1. Oh my, that bonnet on the cover of the Fair Isle book is totally adorable. I have no babies to knit for so am delegating you to knit it for the great-granddaughter and put pictures on your blog of all the various stages of construction. Please?

  2. Carry on knitting - good news.

  3. There is a lovely little bag in the book too...if I knitted other people's patterns I might be tempted!

  4. Glad you are knitting! I thought I ordered that book, but I must have done so in my imagination, as I don't have it. I may never knit a thing from it, but it is inspirational, and I like to support such ventures when I can. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Anonymous2:31 PM

    The Bonnet: the most beautiful baby headgear I have ever seen. Alas, at this stage I will never be likely to learn Fair Isle in order to knit it. Nevermind, enough to know that it exists. Chloe