Thursday, April 19, 2018

The dr phoned today to say. essentially, that I’m fine. Bloods good; chest x-ray clear. So I must pull myself together. I guess I feel somewhat better than at the worst. I think the new antibiotic is of some use.

And today I addressed myself to some of that to-do list. I printed the Kirigami pattern. I established that I have an appropriate needle to start off with. I wound a skein of the new yarn – Paradox helped with that, so it took a long time, but it’s done.

Gudrun, interestingly, wants me to start off with a cast-on consisting of 2 long-tails alternating with 2 German Twisted. That could be interesting. Meg recommends German Twisted (of which I have no experience whatsoever) in her Fair Isle Vest video. Since I am now planning to start Alexander’s Calcutta Vest with two or three rounds of k2, p2 (omitting the rounds of st st which I used the first time), perhaps the alternation could be employed there as well.

First I must master the German Twisted cast-on.

I also decided that I want to start Alexander’s vest on a 3.5 mm needle of which I do not have an appropriate exemplar,  so I ordered one from Meadow Yarns. Their website seems different from the last time I was there – smarter, in some senses; a diminished choice of needles.


All is more or less well here. Shelves were put up in my kitchen today, so it’s finished, and I must get seriously to work tomorrow about establishing a place for everything and….

Archie came over this afternoon to put my recycling out, a fortnightly job; it was good to see him.

Here is a picture of a cat (and a bottle top) in front of the new Aga.


  1. Glad to hear you're not falling prey to some terrible disease. Maybe you're just tired; that's permitted, you know. (Even grief tends to pop up occasionally, for years, and interfere with normal life too.)

    I like the notion of Paradox helping with the winding of yarn. My two are not what I would call helpful with yarn endeavors.

    If you manage to learn the German Twisted cast on maybe you can explain it to me or tell me where to got to get directions. It has eluded me.

  2. Jean, I am glad to hear the good report from the physician, and hope that the upward trend continues. When I was ill in December-January, I completed my full course of antibiotics and could only say that I felt not worse than when I’d started. It took several more days for me to feel that recovery was in progress.

    Lovely to see fluffy young Paradox!

  3. Anonymous9:29 PM

    So glad the doctor called to reassure you. I hope Spring flowers can help add to general well-being. The longer evenings these days are very welcome too.
    Glad Archie is dropping in on a regular basis.
    Could he help put the kitchen back together too?
    By the way I am in countdown mode on my own trip to Palermo next week. A couple of years ago I followed your footsteps to Athens.
    Mosaics and antiquities, plus delicious food.
    I could use some palm trees to counter this ice and snow.
    best regards!

  4. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Love the kitty pictures.
    I had a bad (for me) cold after Christmas and it really knocked the stuffing out of me and still is. I didn't take antibiotics or anything but I'm taking a LONG time to bounce back.
    Just take it easy and don't push yourself.

  5. I'm a little younger than you -not much and I know it takes me a lot longer to "bounce back" than it did even 10 years ago.

  6. Glad to hear the good medical report! And love the new Aga. I'm obsessed with since following the story of your kitchen re-do but probably no hope of getting one in my own kitchen here in the States!

  7. So glad to hear you are doing better. I hope your recovery continues. The AGA looks wonderful, I love the green, and the cat in front adds the perfect touch! Do your cats bat bottle tops around the kitchen? Ours always did, and we would find bunches of them under the refrigerator or the stove.

  8. Jean, can your marvellous cleaning lady help with repopulating the kitchen cupboards? This sort of work always seems much faster with another person to confer and agree with.

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  10. I hope you start feeling better soon. Healthwise, 2018 has had a difficult start for me and I'm hoping I'm on the upward trend. After reading another blog I follow, I got inspired to try knitting a doily. The one I am knitting is from an old Star Publication from 1955. The blog I was reading would call this a "standard" doily. I have ordered a book that is supposed to have "non-standard" patterns in it. It is fun to try something new. I have knit many lace shawls, but this is different. I needed a change from a pair of rather plain socks I am knitting for a friend. The only good thing about the socks is that they make good TV knitting.

    1. No, the really good thing about socks is how comfortable they are to wear! :)
      BTW would love to hear more about doily knitting.

  11. I'm so pleased with the results from your doctor. And that stove is beautiful!!

  12. Have to laugh - the bottle cap thing happens here too:)!! So very glad you are on the upswing:)!!!!

  13. SarahJS3:55 AM

    I find this youtube video by Lucy Neatby very helpful for German twisted:

    Best of luck!

  14. CarolM4:15 AM

    So happy to hear you are on the mend. The cat curled and comfy near the green Aga...I wish that I could paint that picture.

  15. I hope the bottle cap was from a Cider!

  16. How on eath do cats do that thing where their back feet are facing one way, and their front ones entirely the other?!
    I occurs to me to wonder whether the disruption in the kitchen has something to do with your health problems. Thre will have been a strange and wonderful mixture of aromatic substances in the air, as they pulled out the old and installed the new, and plenty of dust too, both newly created and old stuff resurrected. It is all done now, and I hope that will help you to get back on song.

  17. Anonymous12:17 PM

    So glad you are on the mend, Jean. I think that Lucy's video is the one I usually use. It is a lot easier done than it appears. But I always forget it once I have not done it for a while, and vice verse once I have done German for awhile I forget regular long tail. Despite the fact that they are closely related. Lucy also has a wonderful video on a crochet-needle provisional cast on (as opposed to a regular crochet cast-ton). It also employs a hot pink yarn. Chloe

  18. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I got hit with the flu twice this winter, followed by a nagging cough. Its been weeks and I still feel a bit under the weather, but it is slowly improving.... probably not a good time for sky-diving. I'm still napping in the afternoon, drinking plenty of water, staying in my jammies until ten a.m., and am finally greeting the sun with a cuppa coffee on the deck. SO, don't hurry it.
    Love the picture of Paradox & the AGA. glad your feeling better. pgnitter

  19. I always use the German Twisted cast-on for socks. The extra wrap adds a little more yarn, thus making for a sock with a strong and hard-wearing top edge. It is also a nice looking edge.

  20. The green Aga shows off Paradox’s colors very nicely. Good choice.

  21. Oh that new AGA is beautiful and so is Miss Paradox.