Friday, April 20, 2018

My health took a dip for the worse today.

I did get as far, however, as an initial practice session on the Twisted German Cast-On. It’s going to need more work before I could think of using it in real life. Lucy Neatby’s video is indeed helpful, and so is one by a girl endearingly called iknitwithcathair.

Meadow Yarns says that my needles are on the way – so it will soon behove me to cast on something, somehow.

I’ll re-watch Meg’s demonstration on her Fair Isle Vest video before I head for bed.

KD says that the West Highland Way book is ready. I greatly look forward to that. Alexander would like to walk the whole thing with his sons, but they are currently sunk in adolescent apathy. Any one of them might be interested in the book.


My kitchen shelves went up yesterday. Helen was horrified when she saw them this morning by the utilitarian look of those supports, so they are to be exchanged for plain brackets. Perdita didn’t express an opinion.


  1. It all looks very streamlined and efficient. Let's hope it meets your needs.

  2. tantalizing tease of the kitchen! cant wait to see it all.

    please rest and call the doctor if you are not feeling better on saturday. we want you well!

  3. Oh. Wow - the kitchen looks amazing! Hope you are feeling better again soon

  4. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Glad Helen is back! Do keep in touch with your family while you feel low. I hope they can check in and visit - maybe to bring soup!

  5. The kitchen is gorgeous. I love the colors, especially the green Aga. Please take care. Good advise given above.

  6. I see you have a "cat shelf" in the new kitchen.
    Did you by any chance do what so many of us do - start to feel a little better and then overdo it? I have discovered it a sure way of taking a step backwards. (And, somehow, I have never managed to learn the lesson either!)
    Here's hoping you feel better today.

  7. Your kitchen looks beautiful! Congratulations:)! Hope the kitties are giving it their stamp of approval!

  8. PS I hope you will continue to rest and drink liquids as you need them.

  9. I agree with Helen about those brackets and everyone else about your health.

  10. =Tamar8:06 PM

    Utilitarian, but adjustable. Were they chosen to coordinate with the gray cabinets? I believe I've seen that style of supports made in brighter colors. I hope the replacement brackets will be set to where you can reach them easily. About exercise, I loathe it but I do notice a difference between when I get out and walk a bit and when I don't. Even tiny amounts of activity make a difference over time.