Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Today is Perdita’s third birthday.

Thank you for all your kind messages. Don’t worry about protein: meals of asparagus and Jersey Royal potatoes are an annual aberration. The Mindful Chef is very keen on protein – chickpeas in abundance if it’s not meat or fish.

I think I’m better – back, at least, to the somewhat feeble state I was in at the beginning of Lent. Tomorrow, I hope I will make a serious start on walking around Drummond Place Gardens. I was encouraged by your comment, Lisa, about how long it took you to recover from a course of antibiotics.

Alexander came over this morning, as often on Wednesday. I asked him about fermenting vegetables (see yesterday) – he is a keen cook, who has explored many avenues. He has never been down that one (although he has made sourdough bread), but he makes pickles and says that the difficulty is, everybody claims they like them but nobody actually eats them.

I showed him the West Highland Way book and offered to lend it, but he said he will buy one for himself.

As for knitting, I am at that maddening stage towards the end of the waist ribbing of the Kirigami when it comes in at just under the desired length (2”) whenever I measure it, and no matter how many circuits I then add, it still measures just under 2”.

Once I have finally embarked on the body, I will have to pause and re-start the Calcutta Cup vest. I’ve got the needle, I have decided on how far to reduce the stitch count. There’s nothing left but to start knitting.


And, speaking of the Calcutta Cup…

Rachel’s son Joe, who ran the London Marathon in 3.55 on Sunday, works for English Rugby at Twickenham. Eddie Jones (Knitlass will know) told him on Monday, “That was not a bad time, mate.”


  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    I thought it was only my knitting which is still "just under" however many times I measure it. Now I will think of it as "Jean's law" ever after. CarolGilham

    1. Me too, sounds very familiar.

  2. I make small batch pickles, only a jar at at time, as they don't get eaten otherwise.
    I have never done any real fermenting.

  3. Knitting is always "just under" until suddenly it is "too big." Then needs to go back a few rows.

  4. I am still astonished at the mention of kimchi here the other day (I'm Korean). Another thing about measuring knitting: sometimes I'll measure some project and then the next time I pick it, the measurement will be different, without my having done a thing. Happy Birthday, Perdita!

  5. My knitting is always slightly short, until it is suddenly way too long! I am a kimchi junkie. I love it with everything. It is often hard to find in my area of Oklahoma, but can be gotten. I bought the spices for making it at home when I went to South Korea a couple of years ago. My cabbages were somewhat inadequate, but it worked well. My only problem occurred when one of the lids on a batch popped up slightly due to gas escaping, allowing in air. It went moldy.

  6. Happy Birthday, Perdita:)!