Tuesday, October 15, 2019

My sister tried to comment on yesterday’s blog and failed. Several of you have mentioned this problem before, but I haven’t paid much attention. This time I have no comments at all (that could be, of course, because I have become unusually tedious). I hope Blogger will put things right soon. I need your comments,

My sister’s one was to have been a doctorly comment on Sakoolas – the lack of transplantable organs doesn’t necessarily say anything about the accident itself.

A quiet day here. I think one more session will bring the Calcutta Cup scarf to the point where I’ve got to chart Thomas’ initials and embark on the end game. Much of this evening’s time was spent winding the next skein. I’m sure everyone who has a stash cupboard bursting with stash (that is, presumably, everyone) will share my sense of achievement in dispatching a whole skein. Although in fact I didn’t quite get to the point of attaching the new one.

Greek Helen dropped in and walked me around Drummond Place Gardens. It was another fine autumn day. Edinburgh seems to be having the best weather in the UK. She took this picture of my original and best cat:

Lest there be any ill-feeling between them, here is one of Paradox helping me inspect the refrigerator for festering food:

Tamar, I have tried in vain (so far) to find Nigella’s endorsement of my cast-iron slow cooker. I must be looking in the wrong book. The great thing about it is that the cooking-pot can go on the hob, to brown things in advance. And can, indeed, be brought to the table. The instructions say not to wash it, just to scrub with a stiff brush in hot water, dry by hand, and oil. This means that a procrastinator like me has to spring into action after using it.


  1. Tracey7:37 PM

    Never tedious, hope the comments section rights itself again soon.

  2. Bless you — and thank you.

  3. Never tedious. I may be lurking a lot but I love your tales and the Interesting book ideas. I grew up just down the road in pilrig Street.

  4. I tried and failed to enter a comment - for the first time ever.
    I was reflecting on the other novels in the Barchester series which are still waiting to be revisited. "Doctor Thorne" is a yarn with a preposterous plot, rather a stand-alone tale.

  5. You are never tedious, Jean. Neither are your commenters. So I want you to get comments. I have even tracked down some of your commenters and started reading their blogs as well. (looking at you, Shandy). This little blog of "Jean's Knitting" has made lots of connections and given me a list of books to read as well. Thank you!

  6. Never tedious, Jean. Many of us treasure this blog for knitting, non-knitting, and other connections.
    - Beth

  7. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Definitely opposite of tedious! I too really look forward to seeing your posts and also have learned a great deal over the years. Travel, recipes, books to read, new knitting techniques, successful patterns ...
    I do sometimes have trouble posting in Safari on a mac, so then i try Chrome (which I had to do just now).
    best regards

  8. If I thought your posts were tedious I don’t think I would have followed you for more than 12 years.....we first met up in March 2007, I was obviously following the blog then. And I think we went to the yarn shop you mentioned in yesterday’s post. As I told you last week, I feel like I know your family....and I have actually met Archie and the cats!

  9. I had to look up tedious, and it´s a word I would never use to describe your blog! I start my day with it, like the commenters before, I learned a great deal about knitting, cooking, reading, and daily life in Edinburgh, Scotland and the UK? GB? (I never know what the correct term is).
    Hilde in Germany

  10. =Tamar4:32 AM

    Well, it's working now! Software glitches pfui. Your blog is always worth reading.

  11. Not only are your musings on both the creative and quotidian parts of life always welcome but the people you have gathered together in the comments section are also endlessly informative and interesting. Just now I had to go look up "pfui" and learn that it wasn't a typo but a legitimate word.

  12. I love calico cats. I have never had two that liked each other. They’re quirky in lots of ways.
    We just adopted a 12 yr old from the shelter with medium length hair and she is a sweetie. She and the resident cat are starting to tolerate ane another as evideced by both on opposite sides of the bed at the same time. I think that will be as much as we can expect. Pandora squashing my husband and Liza next to me.

  13. Anonymous11:07 PM

    I too read you every day. So you're not at all tedious. The cats are both beautiful but I feel for Perdita, the "undercat".