Friday, August 07, 2020


A pretty good day. C. came, and we walked around the garden. She is proposing to take me and the cats back to Strathardle soon. Which would be wonderful. But I am a heavy weight these days.


I got two more long, long rows done on the Stillness Shawl. Another week will do it, if I can keep this up. And the fact that there are still ten more rows (or as near as dammit) means that the place where I corrected my initial mistake will have time to recover and to form a more or less convincing point at the end.


Tamar, I hope you saw Quinn’s reply to your post of August 3 about how to bend YouTube to one’s requirements.


I have embarked on another sourdough loaf – to be baked tomorrow morning. It’s perhaps getting slightly easier. The loaf still has to be shaped and left to chill overnight, but there’s plenty of time.


I also mean – this is more ambitious – to attempt kimchi again tomorrow (once the sourdough is out of the oven). The last attempt – using the wrong cabbage, as some may remember – was not a success, and leaving it to ferment for however many further weeks has been no help. It’s still too chewy, still wrong. So today I threw it courageously away and hope that tomorrow’s Tesco delivery will include the right cabbage, as promised.


Reading: Trollope’s “Belton Estate” didn’t exactly feel familiar, but produced various sensations of unease, and I discovered, to my embarrassment, that I read it as recently as last November. I’ve kept a diary of books-read since Jan,’19. So I switched, at least temporarily, to the latest Simon Serrailler – I think I’ve read them all. This one is called “The Benefit of Hindsight” and is rather good.




Alexander and Ketki are again cut off from the outside world – there has been yet another landslide at the Rest and Be Thankful. In the last couple of years, the authorities have resurrected an Old Military Road in the valley below – not wholly satisfactory, as it is very narrow and traffic is thus required to flow first in one direction, then in the other. But that's better than the 70 mile diversion. This time, the landslide slid on down and blocked the OMR as well.


In the Good Old Days, we only had landslides in the winter, but the Rest was often closed in the summer by a motorcycle accident.


My husband and I had to do that diversion once – you get to Tarbet at the head of Loch Lomond and are then required to turn right into the back of beyond, instead of left over the Rest. Somebody has really got to do something about that road. Inverary is involved, not just Alexander and Ketki at Cairndow.


  1. I didn't know there was a new Simon Serailler! I'll be off to get that one. I've read all the previous books, perhaps on your recommendation.

  2. =Tamar8:14 PM

    Thank you,Jean. I had indeed missed that response. I will try it.

    Don't feel too bad about forgetting a book. I have forgotten the details of many, even books I enjoyed. Then it's a race to see whether I can recall just how the book ended before I get there.

  3. Finished knitting my Stillness Shawl, Needs to be blocked and ends (many) woven in. I am really pleased with it. mn

    1. Is your shawl on Ravelry somewhere? Also, you were thinking of doing the casapinka MKAL I believe; are you doing it?

  4. I thought you were still on "A Suitable Boy"? I know that I am. What I am struck by is the detailed descriptions of household arrangements and the way that these impact on the lives of women. Joint households, living in purdah, living with mother-in-law etc. He doesn't blench from the squalor and stink of some areas either. The film sanitises everything.