Saturday, August 01, 2020

Today is James’ and Cathy’s wedding anniversary. I can’t tell you which one, but you can work it out. There was a letter in the Times a few days later – I hope I’ve still got it – pointing out that it had been the 2000th First of August. I.e., we have reliable historical information as to the year in which the Emperor Augustus was so honoured.


They offered September to the next emperor, Tiberius, but he said, What if there are more than 12 emperors? We’d better leave things the way they are. You’ve got to love him.


I’ve had an up-and-down day. I had a lovely time at Helen’s house this morning. She’s as good at gardens as at mosaics (and I suspect she has good soil). I took a picture which I will try to extract from my telephone for you soon. We forgot about hair. This afternoon I have been badly troubled with a sore rib.


Her studio is in a disused school, owned by the corporation of Edinburgh. Many craftspeople have given up, she says, unable to pay the rent because of having no sales and no pupils. She is afraid that the whole thing will collapse. She loves her studio.


I got some more knitting done. There is something about sitting peacefully at Helen’s kitchen table which is conducive to progress. I’m now near the point where disaster struck, in the form of Paradox bringing the knitting to me in bed. I hope once I actually embark on Clue 5, the Finishing-Off clue, things will go faster.


I continue to read (re-read) “A Suitable Boy” on my convenient Kindle. Lata has now met the man whom (I happen to know) she will eventually marry. Each admires the other’s good qualities, but neither is greatly smitten. Episode 2 on television tomorrow.


  1. Tomorrow is my birthday, you are another August baby, I know. I love the idea of the 2000 first of August. My mother always told me I was born on the hottest August 2nd on record in NJ. Every year I check, it still holds true. I have not had a haircut since late February. I generally get my hair cut every 5 weeks. This is the longest it has been in 30 years. I do not look like a German philosopher. I have tried from time to time to try and grow out my very short cut, but always get frustrated. Since I am at home, I just stuff in combs and bobby pins and wait it out. I may not want it longer, but it is a change.

  2. Enjoying your blog. I loved A Suitable Boy. Could still hold a big hardback then - a few years ago! Your remarks about craftworkers enduring hard times - what about the weavers? You have some world famous tapestry weavers - Archie Brennan for one.

  3. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Little tidbits like that make me love history. Crafts people might need to do some aggressive Internet marketing. maybe starting with Etsy. I searched for mosaics and sculpture and found several examples of very decent work. I had my hair cut twice, Mary Lou, with no ill after effects. Everyone wears a mask. And work station is cleaned between clients. But I am not going to recommend this to anyone, yours might end up being the first such case so God forbid...Chloe

  4. Ity ok for me; I'm just letting my hair grow for now. But my husband... He's bought clippers and will do his beard again, but the hair...! We have inspected the barber's through the window and he's going to try it soon.
    I'm deep into An Equal Music and considering buying the cd of the music. How I wish I had found a string quartet in my cello playing days!
    I hope those ribs settle and you find some relief.