Wednesday, August 19, 2020


Helen’s sons are safely here. Helen was pleasantly surprised by how well Fergus looks. Archie says that he is eventually going to have his scar removed by plastic surgery. I hope he won’t. He could tell the girls that it's a duelling scar.  Helen didn’t come to see me today – in fact, I got out for a walk all by myself, assuming that there were enough people in the streets to deal with me if Disaster Struck.


The binding-off of the Stillness Shawl progressed well, too. Another day might see it done.


Chloe, I neglected to thank you for your kind comment, suggesting that my next project should be a short one. No problem there: I’ve got that EPS sweater to finish, and at the moment I am not much short of finishing the second sleeve – up to the point where everything is joined together for the yoke, than which nothing is more fun. And after that the Orkney hat. And, goodness, what after that? Back to lace?


James and Cathy will be here on Friday. This should have been Games Weekend. I have ordered a beef casserole from a local restaurant – the beef actually comes from Uradale Farm on Shetland which was one of the stops on my Shetland Wool Adventure last year. Ronnie does rather wonderful organic yarn, as well as beef.


  1. =Tamar8:18 PM

    I wondered for a moment what the recipe was for organic yarn...

  2. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Looking forward to all your finished projects, Jean:). Hope there is no problem photographing them! Chloe