Monday, August 24, 2020


It was a very happy weekend. James and Cathy went off this morning, on their way to Glasgow for a brief stop with Alexander and Ketki before the journey south. They are stopping somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales tonight. They drove up all-in-one-go on Friday and it was grim.


That was Games Weekend, that was. The fourth Saturday in August, as always.


I didn’t do  anything in the way of knitting, or of anything else. I did finish the Stillness Shawl bindoff this morning. I still haven’t figured out why I can’t get pictures out of the iPad. And I still haven’t done the ends – there aren’t all that many – or faced up to blocking.


The new VK turned up today. Nothing stirs me. My husband didn’t like blue. I had never given any thought to preferences (or otherwise) for colours, but eventually came to agree with him. The Koigu shawl might be fun, but I’m not in the market for another shawl.


C. was here on Sunday morning. (Altogether, over the weekend, I was in touch with four alien households, each of them, of course, in touch with others.) She mentioned that wee Hamish may have outgrown his christening dress – the event is scheduled for September 12 – so I sent her off with the one I knit for James’ and Cathy’s daughter Kirsty. It would be wonderful to see it in action. Again? I must have been at Kirsty’s christening, but don’t remember it.


  1. So glad it was a good weekend.

  2. My first shawl was knit from Koigu. It had a sad tendency to lose its blocking. It would be great for a day or two and then shrink.

  3. I finished a shawl in January and it still sits where I tossed it. I can’t really say I haven’t had time to block it, I just haven’t done it. I seem to be in the doldrums.

  4. Koigu is awfully bouncy, I think it would not hold its blocking for lace, nosenabook. I finished a garter stitch shawl I started last summer and tossed it aside as well. It’s mostly decorative, and I have no need to decorate myself while working at home!

  5. Anonymous10:03 AM

    So glad you had a great tiime, Jean! Koigu makes great hats, I think. Made a beautiful baby hat in my early knitting days but it was huge and I don't know what the mother finally did with it. Too bad. I would do it over today. Chloe