Sunday, August 02, 2020

My rib-disaster was three weeks ago, I think, and today I made a great discovery: stop wearing a tight bra, or indeed any at all. Only very minor discomfort remains, now that I have made that adjustment – gone, especially, the stabbing pain when I try to pick anything up from the floor, or put on a sock.


(A perspicacious doctor might have spotted that in an old-fashioned consultation, but Hippocrates himself could hardly deduce it from a phone call. And it shouldn’t have taken me so long.)


And I’m back in the saddle with knitting the Stillness Shawl MKAL, I hope – I have embarked on the penultimate long, long row of clue four. Tomorrow I’ll have Part Two of “A Suitable Boy” to watch – or tonight, if I can stay awake that long. That should, at least, move me on to the final row. Andrew Marr has gone off on his hols, who used to provide a good hour of knitting on Sunday mornings.


We had a glorious sunny day. I got once around the garden with C.


I’m working on the project of showing you a picture of Helen’s garden in Joppa. It went off whoosh from my telephone and hasn’t been seen since.


  1. I did something to my right ribs when laying on the floor trying to reach a shoe under the bed. Felt like I rolled onto the underwire of my bra. Pain for about two weeks, much better after I saw the chiropractor (two weeks to the day). Haven't worn a bra since. Still being careful.

  2. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Sadly I don't think there is any such thing anymore as a perspicacious doctor, going by my own experience. But I did have a perspicacious dentist once. A tooth-yanker-outer had angrily growled at me when I called to report that my jaw hurt every morning ever since he had pulled a tooth two weeks previously. So I called my regular dentist who said she would think about it and call me back. She did, suggesting that the pain might be caused by an unevenness between the upper set of teeth with no holes and the lower set with the empty space where the tooth had been. This may have caused me to clench my teeth during the night with the resulting morning pain. She suggested that I buy a night guard from the drugstore to help my teeth through the adjustment process. I did and two days later I was pain free. So glad you had a similar success, Jean! Chloe

  3. I have to say the working from home has kept me practically bra-free and I love the comfort. Glad that you have discovered a simple solution. And if you doctor is a man, he probably has no idea of bra pressure or discomfort anyway, having presumably never worn one.

  4. I have had to resort to buying a proper supportive (nonwired) bra for the first time in a decade - how I miss my carefree minimalist days! I blame prednisolone; my weight hasn't gone up over the past years but my shape has altered. What it is to be female...

  5. Down to my last two rows of the Stillness shawl. Seems like that last clue has lasted forever. :)