Monday, August 31, 2020


A good day. The sleeve is within a couple of rows of being finished – I can’t remember how far I am to knit on after the last increase, but that won’t be difficult to determine. I watched the first episode of a new detective series today – J.K. Rowling’s alternative persona as the author of Cameron Strike. I have enjoyed previous series, and the matching books. The reviewer in this morning’s paper was distinctly down on the new one. (I watch the next day, having gone to bed early.) And I’m afraid I agree.


It may improve. And in the mean time, it gets some knitting done.


Archie and his brother Mungo came to lunch and we had a nice time. Both have just graduated. Neither has much sense of direction. Both seem cheerful.




I’m continuing to enjoy “Incarnations” and have been pleased to hear the some of you are joining me. I’m getting near the end, and we are bearing down on Independence and Partition.


  1. Jean you must be a trend setter. Incarnations has quite a few holds ahead of me at the library, so I went for the Kindle version.

  2. I've gone for the Audible version of Incarnations.

  3. What I don't understand is how you were able to read "A Suitable Boy" so quickly. I am still ploughing through it. Did you just skip the bits about politics?